Me: [flails hands around]
Juliet: Film!
Me: [three fingers up]
Juliet: Three words.
Me: [one finger up]
Juliet: First word.
Me: [two fingers on arm, then one]
Juliet: Two syllables, first syllable.
Me: [shaking motion]
Juliet: Shake?
Me: Very good dear.
Juliet: You aren’t allowed to talk.
Me: Sorry. [three fingers up]
Juliet: Third word.
Me: [points at heart and does some fluttering]
Juliet: Love?
Me: [nods, holds one finger up and places two on arm]
Juliet: First word, second syllable.
Me: [raises arm above head and mimes throwing something long, pointing to the length of the thrown item]
Juliet: Pole? Javelin? Ooh ooh, Shakepole in Love… No, no, er, Shakejavelin in Love?
Me: Oh my God are you retarded?!


9 thoughts on “Charade

  1. Best laugh I have had all week!!! LOL!!!!!!! (now, what does that tell you about my life…)


    I mean, um, ‘retarded’ is a bit mean, ain’t it, Mister Chris? *scowls*

    ‘Shakejavelin in Love’ *giggles to herself* Thank you Miss Juliet! Needed that laugh! 🙂

  3. FOL! (Frown out loud)

    Well remembered Mr Stephen.

    I am glad you all enjoyed my girlfriend’s retardation. I skipped out the fact that we had just been watching Shakejavelin in Love at the time in question> Well, you know, I didn’t want to make her look stupid or anything.

  4. It is not my fault that Chris can’t act properly. If he’d acted a ‘spear’ instead of a ‘javelin/ pole’ I would’ve got it right away!

  5. I’m with Julietbec on this one; were you throwing the said spear/javelin or were you spearing someone with it? Details are important you know…

  6. Well, no they aren’t Welsherella.

    You see, Shakespeare in Love is a film, whereas Shakejavelin in Love is not.

    That is why when you play charades you give a clue at the start.

    It is a very sophisticated game.

  7. I can see that when I have mastered chess there are other games to learn too…

  8. hehee I love it.

    Reminds me of Pictionary – there is always a really hard one where you just end up circling and pointing to the thing you’ve already drawn and scowling at your beloved because they don’t get it.

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