Losing our marbles

I read today (in a newspaper) that the British Museum may be considering lending the Elgin Marbles to Greece.

For those not familiar with the whole Elgin Marbles controversy/story, it can be summarised as such: about 200 years ago we stole them and they’ve wanted them back ever since.

The one salient fact that shines through all of the toing and froing that has taken place in my memory is that the Greeks clearly do not have the first idea about the rules of marbles.

I say they can have them back, but only if they throw other bits of the Parthenon at them and knock them out of the circle.


6 thoughts on “Losing our marbles

  1. *shakes head*

    oh dearie, dearie me…

    Besides, what’s the betting that once they’ve been ‘loaned’ to the Greeks they’ll refuse to give them back with a comment along the lines of ‘Marbles, what marbles?’

    Why is it that the English have a habit of stealing things? I mean seriously. First the Elgin Marbles, then the Ashes, when will it stop?! 😉

  2. According to the girls I work with, we also stole the Falkland Islands (which many in Argentina like to refer to as the Fuckland Islands). They are known as the Malvinas there and apparently, they do not belong to us. So why do we take things that don’t belong to us? And if the marbles belong to the Greeks, why don’t we return them?

  3. It’s like when the English stole…something else too. Some rock? (Not the Falklands, no) Or an old manuscript or something? Oh, and let’s not forget half of Wales! English thieves!

  4. Shocking isn’t it!

    I don’t see why the rest of the world can’t just admit that if we hadn’t been taking their stuff, they’d have been taking ours. We hadn’t quite defined our current sense of morals back then

  5. Ack!

    I have rewritten this about 40 times to avoid causing offence. Here is a summary of my thoughts:

    1. The paradigm has completely shifted on this “issue” in the last several hundred years.
    2. This makes comparison between “then” and “now” very difficult.
    3. It makes talking about morals or right or wrong even more difficult.
    4. Working back from now using todays paradigm can lead you to some very silly conclusions, e.g. removing white trash from North America and replacing them with native Americans (i.e. the ones we didn’t wipe out).
    5. Just because this is true doesn’t mean it is not a good thing that things are generally more civilised now.
    6. This assumes you think subjugating large sectors of society through economic means is somehow more civilised. Separate matter.

    All of which brings us onto the Falklands.

    You know, the problem is that the people who live there consider themselves to be British. It is not very close to us, no, and it is right next to Argentina, but what is more important – physical geography or political geography? Is a bit of land more important than the lives of all the Falklanders?

    Wales is a bit different. They don’t like us much! I say independence every time.

    And maybe we should upgrade America’s status from colony to separate country… they have been doing well for themselves recently* so they are probably ready.

    * this does depend on your definition of “well” of course.

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