St George and the dragon

Happy St George’s day to the English folk.

The themed story for today is a small piece I saw on the local news programme (on BBC1 no less) where a man dressed in chain mail, wearing a white tabard crossed in red and sitting atop a horse, was going around local primary schools “being” St George, poking a cardboard dragon and generally promoting the day. He had a lance and shouted a lot and the kids seemed to be having a great time.

When interviewed, one little boy said he was proud to be English, and a little girl said “Prince (sic) George was great because he killed a big fire breathing dragon.” It warmed the cockles of my tired, stony heart.

Unfortunately, they then interviewed their insipid primary school teacher, and I got back to my usual business of choking on my own scorn. She had this to say: “It is nice for the kids, as they get a chance to interact with history.”

History? History?

What history books do they use in primary schools these days? Everybody knows that dragons have never been native to England. When they film them in (for example) the Harry Potter films they have to have them flown in from Eastern Europe, everyone knows this.


As for our very own Welsh dragon, it is her birthday today. As I have been being a bit mean to her of late, I thought I would say happy birthday here.

(I’m sure it will make up for the fact I have bought her neither card nor present!)


18 thoughts on “St George and the dragon

  1. Get t’shop and buy Welshy a card now! I am highly disappointed in you. I hope you buy her the next five coffees just to make up for this.

    I thought that there were lots of dragons in Wales and this is why Welshy moved to Fairyland…where oddly enough you would think there might be dragons there in such fictional place. Happy Birthday Wenchy!

  2. Thanks, Molly! Particularly for that superb suggestion; it is ok, Chris; you have until Saturday to produce a card (bigger than Molly’s, natch!) and coffee vouchers will do me just fine! 🙂

  3. Here in Awstrayla we call them there dragons ‘bunyips’. Our young nippers know history when they hear it.

  4. Chris, I’ve a good mind to sue this blog…next you’ll be telling me Puff the Magic Dragon doesn’t exist, or the Easter Bunny, or Father Christmas. Check your facts before you write mindless slander 😉

  5. Ooh I never heard of St George day!
    Do you get the day off to fight dragons?
    ; )

  6. Day off! Pah!

    Emma – read more carefully, I never said anything about anything existing or not!

    No doubt I will find this post sitting in someone’s comments section before too long anyway!

    Welshy is right – there is no rush!

  7. Ah, see, you’re assuming that St George himself was actually English… there is at least one town in Germany that claim him for their own.

    And now that I’ve poured petrol over Chris’ rage, let me just throw on a match….


    (Runs for cover…)

  8. St George was Turkish, if I remember correctly, and is patron saint of Canada, Catalonia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, Montenegro, Portugal and Serbia, as well as England.

    So, yes a good point.

    ROFLOLZORS does not inflame my rage, as I know you are doing it on purpose, but omitting the final s on Chris’s does.

    You bad bad person.

  9. wha? I’m pretty sure correct (ie, British) English does not add an S, Chris.

    I think that’s the dodgy (ie, American) way.

    : )

  10. It would be Chris’ and not Chris’s. That is just silly and you don’t know what you are talking about. You just have to face the fact, you are wrong, wrong, wrong!


  11. Andrew is the patron saint of Romania and Russia as well as Scotland. Oh and Amalfi too.

    He also used to look after Prussia too, but was probably having a bad day.

    I am not going to comment on Chris’ versus Chris’s. If you read my comment you will see that I didn’t say that Chris’ was wrong, only that using it ignited my (famous and largely fictional) rage.

    If you wish to use Chris’ then you have every right to do so; I prefer Chris’s. Chris’s is not incorrect, as Chris is not a plural

    I am sure we covered this in a previous post somewhere…

  12. So we’re not actually arguing or taking sides? well, in that case I suppose I can handle agreeing with Chris’s point of view on this one; my surname has an ‘s’ on the end and i would never ever tolerate someone saying “Welsherella …..s'”; that would be most displeasing to the ear!

  13. Oh he will just love you now Welshy because you agree with him and think he is “right”!! Did you see on my blog he said he had referred to you as a dragon? Still think he is right now? (stir stir, mix mix!)

  14. chris….imitation is the greatest form of flattery ….sorry if i pissed you off i did not mean to appropriate that quote as my own it was just fucking brilliant and I had to use it!!

  15. Look Molly, I am sure Welshy is not so fickle on such matters. She will go with what is right.

    Oh look, that’s me!

    And remember, it isn’t what you know, or who you know, it’s whom you know.

    EmmaK, my tongue was firmly in my cheek, worry not.

    I was a little confused to read it though… I thought “I am sure I have heard that somewhere before!”.

    You cheeky monkey, I’ve got my eye on you.

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