Attention sad and lonely people

Yes, yes, I mean you.

I love this bench. It is where I would sit, given the choice. Then no-one could sit next to me.*
Why do we not have these in England? Everyone knows how miserable and anti-social we are!
* also it had a great sea view!

13 thoughts on “Attention sad and lonely people

  1. Sadly not no, this one is from Spain, Donosti/ San Sebastien, just near where I live to be exact. It’s quite a feature round here actually though, I’ve seen loads recently.

    Yet they’re always saying how much friendlier the Basques are than us!

  2. Isn’t it beautiful? Concrete is such an exciting medium to work in.

    I am pleased to learn they are commonplace, I may try to move across to Euskardi myself, I would fit right in.

    Mrs Mogul makes a good point, however, and I might now be a bit scared.

  3. Hm. I understand the lure of it… But, wouldn’t sitting alone in the middle of blank concrete attract passers-by attention? Am a tad too self-conscious to bare it. Unless… is it invisible? Oh, i’d go for that!

  4. Invisible… hmmm. Doubt it, as I have taken a photograph of it!

    Unless… it is some kind of inverse vampire, so you can see it in photos but not in real life…

    But… how did I know to take the photo?!

    Also, if it was invisible and you sat on it, you would look like you were floating, and would almost certainly attract attention.

    If I can help in any other way, let me know!

  5. Of course; I thought of you immediately, Inc.

    Hope you are feeling better.

  6. much better thanks.

    a week in a hospital kinda shows which friends are, well, friends…

    those that didn’t visit can all go to hell now 🙂

    yup, a week of boredem, and quitting smoking, and inadequate pain releif, have let me leave hospital whole, yet a tad more bitter and further twisted…

    must do it again one day…

  7. Don’t be silly, Mister Chris. It only becomes invisible when someone’s arse is resting on it. Tch. Count on the British to complicate everything. *ducks*

    (And as a fan of Harry Potter, shouldn’t you really know better? Hm? *shakes head disappointedly*)

  8. Ah Chris, but what about when you want to kiss and caress your wife or girlfriend or whatever you have? Would you both squeeze onto this little bench?

  9. Oops, sorry I didn’t visit!

    I sent you, you know, mind flowers.

    V(endetta) – you would get walked into a lot I fear. Shame, as I like the invisible chair idea, let me know if you get anywhere with it.

    Emma, she would sit on my knee of course! Are you not a very intimate person?!

  10. Chris…I am an intimate person, but I’m also not a very petite thing. Sure when I was a teenager (and skinny) I would snog on a boyfriend’s lap, but i think if i sat on my husband’s lap for a prolonged period of time he would asphixiate!!

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