Weston "Super" Mare

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7 thoughts on “Weston "Super" Mare

  1. Thankfully I was never dragged off to WSM as a child, only lovely places like Aberdovey in Wales, or Brixham in Devon. Perhaps it should say “Children’s Beach Imagination Activity Area”?

  2. At least there’s sand.

    Four years spent in Eastbourne means that sand can never be overrated.

    Or, um, children for that matter…

  3. It does look pretty depressing to an adult, but kids get very excited about sand, even wet gritty freezing cold sand like this and will immediately want to start making castles out of it.

  4. Well, Molly, children do have an active imagination. (PS Do you not think you should spell it Aberdyfi in honour of Taffarella?!)

    ActonB, in Weston there is indeed sand. Funnily enough, in this picture, there is also water. This is the only picture of WSM you will see with water. Ever.

    Also, I can see how four years in Eastbourne would make you hanker after sand. I stayed for four years in Eastbourne one afternoon too.

    Meva, the pole, of course… I didn’t think! Maybe there is a clown’s face drawn on the back side of the sign too. It is a world of infinite possibility!

    And EmmaK, while this is doubtless true, I wonder whether the mere fact that children like sand is enough to merit a sign saying “Childrens [sic] Beach Activity Area”? That would be like having signs on railway bridges saying “Dropping bricks onto trains play zone”.

    PS I love making sandcastles!

  5. The first time Chris met my family we made an amazing sandcastle. There was me, Chris and my small brother. The small brother helped and me and Chris did the actual work.

    But it was so good that people were admiring it and bringing their families to see it!

  6. It is true – all the kids were getting their photos taken with our castle, we were legends.

    Also I bonded with your small brother, as I said “shit” and he promised not to tell on me.

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