Tragic books I have no intention of reading

Yes, that is right. WH Smith (rubbish UK book shop) have finally created a section where all the abused children’s books go.
Yes, yes, I am very harsh; I am sorry. I can empathise* with their sad lives, but I just don’t want to read their books. End of.
Sorry for lack of compassion today, I have a headache.

* actually I can’t, of course. What I mean is that I sympathise, and I can get part of the way to emphathy by trying hard and thinking about the situation and the emotions it might involve, but I will always fall short of genuine empathy. Maybe more on this another day.

15 thoughts on “Tragic books I have no intention of reading

  1. Is that for real?

    Because if so it’s bloody brilliant! And so how can you write off WHSMith as ‘rubbish’ when they have staff of such dry humour. Sure they are no Waterstones, but they’re better than the crap bookshops we’ve got over here.

    Believe me.

    (Oh how I miss Waterstones…)

  2. Chris, you understand the difference between ‘sympathy’ and ’empathy’?! Well, of course you do, but I really was beginning to think there was nobody else who does! Seriously, if I am told once more to “empathise” with a 90 year old, confused and incontinent old lady with a broken hip I will scream…

  3. sym- is understanding & caring about someone else’s feeling’s, em- is actually feeling the same feelings, right? Pah, empathy is such an unnecessary word, I doubt anyone truly empathises. Except for Deanna Troi of course… oops just outed myself as a nerd.

    BTW I would be avoiding that section like the plague. I’ll be in the Mindless Escapism With Pink Covers section.

    ; )

  4. THAT is one truly tragic section of a book shop. i guess the ‘biographies’ category just doesn’t cut it any more.

  5. Acton (May I call you Acton or do you prefer Ms B?!) – of course it is real! I don’t lie on this blog you know!

    WHSmith is indeed no Waterstones, although, on reflection, I believe they may be owned by the same people… which is bizarre as this means they are in the process of putting themselves out of business!

    My thoughts on empathy and sympathy are complicated and I may well do a post on them.

    What a lot of geeky boys and girls we are here; Harry Potter, Spider-man, Star Trek! What is next?! We don’t have anyone who plays Lord of the Rings Online do we?!

    Rhea, I am glad you enjoy them. I find them a bit bandwagonish, personally. I think the nadir was reached when not only had Dave Pelzer written his sixteenth book, but his brother had also released a book called, if memory serves, “I helped abuse him too, but really I am terribly misunderstood, please give me all your money”.

    Now I am being bitter and cynical, and have taken it too far – look what you made me do!

    Mrs Mogul – yes well, we can’t all be crayzee NY party gals…! We only pretend to be like that, it is a sarcastic veneer to hide the fact that we are superior; we like to avoid the inevitable jealousy you see! And at least we aren’t shooting seven bells of shit out of each other! 🙂

    Mars, I think if you were in Biographies you might accidentally pick up a book about someone of note.

  6. Who needs to pay for print when there’s enough tragedy in the blogosphere?

  7. They’ve made that section for people who can’t be bothered reading the blurb.

  8. Ah but Meva, I actually start to care if I can interact with the person… I am such a softy really, for all my pretend hardness… So it is better to read the books I guess, as you can cluck and say how dreadful it all is, but it doesn’t mean anything to you… sorry got a bit serious there!

    And who wouldn’t read the blurb?! Sometimes that is the most entertaining bit of a book!

  9. That’s just so brilliant.
    I shall have to see if Whitcoulls (WHSmith in New Zealand) have adopted this policy too. Or whether that would go too far against the “she’ll be right” grain, admitting there were enough “tragic life stories”…

  10. NO WAY!!!!!!!

    apologies for over-use of exclamation marks there.

    But seriously. I knew there was a real market for misery books. But enough of a market to have an entire section?

  11. Blech.
    Were there a lot of anemic looking black-clothed people hanging about the section?

  12. I don’t really understand who reads these books…who wants to wallow in other people’s misery? I’ve had enough in my life thanks v much. Give me a mindless escapist read any day of the week.

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