… oh and by the way

I am in Spain, so will be absent for a while. You might think there would be internet access in Spain, but you would be wrong.

Espere, por favor.

PS Oh yes, carry on having a go at Welshy, you heartless creatures… that will be amusing for me when I come back.


4 thoughts on “… oh and by the way

  1. Have fun in Spain, and I won’t tell you to hurry home just in case Juliet gets in a huff with me!:) In fact, I think you should stay there longer than you planned, then stroll back to work a week later like nothing ever happened and that was the day you were supposed to return, then right before they call you in to fire you, hand in your resignation and run back to Spain to live happily ever after with Juliet. Only returning to ruin Welshy’s wedding of course.

  2. Ha, she won’t defend you!

    I am only saying you are going to ruin the wedding because she was trying to get you off the guest list but you will of course turn up and that will ruin her wedding! Only joking, she does want you to be there, she told me so. But she still thinks you should camp…!

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