While the Chrlog is away, the Wench plays

It occurred to me whilst on holiday that I should pop onto my blog and tell those who might be interested that I was on holiday (see previous post where it explains to those who might be interested that I was on holiday). As I was doing this popping (at a public computer in Stansted Airport) I had a chance to read everyone’s amusing comments about how Welshy dislikes me, and also the even more amusing horrified backtracking by said Welshy.

I thought I would also see what she had to write on her own blog, but alas was stopped in my tracks:

For those who can’t read this, I apologise, but the beeping I was making was starting to attract attention, and I had to take the photo at the hurry up.
It reads:
Blocked as:
A High Porn content public site
Now, I had heard she had writers’ block, but I didn’t know she was willing to go to such lengths! Or should that be “sink to such depths”?!
Sadly, by the time I had returned to England it was back to normal.
So, did anyone go and visit while she was peddling this filth? What was it like?!
More about my travels tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “While the Chrlog is away, the Wench plays

  1. I remember that day. I was stunned speechless. As was my boss.

    On the plus side, I didn’t have to go into work on Tuesday…

  2. Oh noes! I missed the filth! I expect it was very very depraved.

    Man, I never have any good luck…

  3. p.s. Can you send me yours and Juliet’s email addresses so I can invite you both to read my blog? I have searched both your blogs!

  4. Presumably not the description of Chris’s though, where it says “email me on: thechrlog@hotmail.co.uk ” ? 😉 I need to do the clever passwordageness for your blog Pomgirl. Except I might have deleted the email explaining it… (was there one?) Fear not, I shall figure it out! 🙂 x

  5. I missed the filth! I would have brought some detergents with me on the day!

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