"Remember kids, there are no stupid answers, just stupid people"

Inspired by Pomgirl’s attempts to transform her face into various famous artists’ oil paintings I thought I would show you what I will look like when they decide to let me guest-star on South Park.

If you would like one then visit the Plane’arium.

Sorry for lack of uninspiring material, but my housemate has just bought a Wii, and I am “testing” it.

8 thoughts on “"Remember kids, there are no stupid answers, just stupid people"

  1. That will be an episode to remember. Will Welsherella be in it as well? Will it be about your attempts to gatecrash her wedding?

  2. Are you experiencing WP yet? Or Wii Pain? Where every muscle and joint in your body is aching when you, say, move? Then again, you might not as, from the auto-portrait, you’re prolly a fit athlete, eh? 😉

    (For the record, i still am afraid to play with my sister’s Wii because of WP. It was horrendous. No one warned me that i was going to get some actual EXERCISE!)

  3. Ooooh I want a Wii! I was quite against them (without any reason whatsoever) until my friends got one and I got to play tennis on it (very bad at it) and race cars with changing landscapes and stuff on it (very fun, not quite so bad at it) and dance and kill rabbits on it (absolutely awful at it, for a musician I have a terrible sense of rhythm) so am hooked!

    I’ll have to save up for one…or maybe Wii’s are the reason people invented wedding presents…Hmmmm…

  4. I’m echoing Miss V, and wondering if you have a Wii injury yet? After playing tennis on it for..oh…about 24 solid hours, the next day I could hardly move my right arm.

    Fun, though 🙂

  5. What be a Wii?!
    I saw one today in a shop window and the signs seemed to be very excited about it but I didn’t understand…

  6. The Wii is one of the ‘next generation’ games consoles, the other two being the PlayStation 3 and the X-Box 360.

    The main distinguishing feature of the Wii is the controllers, where they have replaced the old keypad style devices with either a ‘wand’ or nunchaku (essentially, two wands stuck together). As the controllers are motion-sensitive, you play the game by… playing the game. So, for a golf game you have to practice your swing, to play tennis you need a forehand, backhand, volleys and lobs, and so on.

    At the moment, the Wii is (surprisingly) the runaway winner of this round of the Console Wars. The X-Box 360 is in second place, and falling behind, despite being crippled by lacking High-Def capabilities, and the occasional tendency to burst into flame. The PlayStation 3 has thus far been a massive flop, probably due to the relative scarcity of good games for it.

  7. But Stephen… it’s also so much more!

    Thanks to all my well-wishers… I do have Wii Pain, or Housemaid’s Wii, as I like to call it.

    That is why the blog has been quiet and I have been so cantankerous to a variety of Americans.

    In addition to Wii Pain, I have been subject to Wii Twitch. Has anyone else suffered from this highly embarrassing condition? It is where a muscle group that you haven’t used in 10 years suddenly goes into spasm and flicks your arm up in the air.

    I wish I could tell you I knocked my boss’s glasses off or something, but I have controlled it well.

    Oh and Stephen, you shouldn’t be surprised at how well it’s doing – look at all the girls that like them!

  8. PS Meva, I am trying to write an amusing SP sketch with me at Welshy’s wedding, but I can’t do it without offending her, I don’t think.

    Nice idea though.

    Right, screw you guys, I’m going home.

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