A gift

I would like to thank my colleague Paul* for allowing the following conversation to take place at work last week:

Paul: “For pity’s sake, Chris, sometimes I wish you’d give it a rest with your stupid pedanticism.”
Me: (pause) “I think you’ll find the word is pedantry.”

Mwahahahaha! Thanks Paul, you really made my day.

* I should probably point out that Paul is very smart and amusing, and not a retard at all, unlike some others that will remain nameless. He also doesn’t read this blog, so I am not just saying that! I just like to be fair.


10 thoughts on “A gift

  1. “I think you’ll find the word is pedantry.”

    Well, Mr de Chrlog, it is my sincere belief that you knew the word was pedantry.


  2. Just to be incredibly nosy and un-English, but I just checked out your girlfriend’s profile and she is 24, just out of a matter of interest how old are you chris?? your id picture looks kind of old, actually maybe it doesn’t maybe its just the specs, but you definately come across as about 45 on your blog in the sense you are quite mature and erudite. So how old are you?? if it is a may december relationship, i can relate, my husband is eight years younger than myself.

  3. Meva: maybe…!

    LondonGirl: she sounds a delightful woman.

    Emma: what what what?!?!

    How dare you?!

    You would have thought that since you checked Juliet’s profile you might have bothered to check mine too before making such highly offensive statements!! I am 25 years young, and am only sad that I haven’t amassed more years of anger to direct at you for your comment!



  4. Chris…I hope you are being funny. It is actually a compliment if you think about it, quite honestly you are much more mature and knowledgable than most 25 year olds. I just always had the impression you were much older. And I’m sure Juliet can testify that you are incredibly sexy and toned and young looking as well!

    I must have read your profile while hungover once and read 45 instead of 25!!

  5. Nice backtracking. Flattery will get you everywhere.

    You are forgiven.

    (Yes, I was joking, if anyone was in any doubt.)

    I’m off to collect my pension, be good while I’m away.

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