Rock me Amadeus

Juliet works in a language school, as you will know if you are a reader of hers too.

I’ve been there. It’s nice.

In the toilet, as well as lists of verbs, some enthusiast has put up a poster called “German Music Greats”.

Spot the odd one out:


I don’t think it was a joke.


10 thoughts on “Rock me Amadeus

  1. Do you think people aren’t commenting because the answer is so obvious?

    By the way, my word verification is “cunft”!

  2. Also, Molly, it is easy to say something is obvious, but less easy to actually answer the question!

    Tell me who you think the odd one out is, and why.

    Then, and only then, can you have your gold star.

  3. Well as Falco is the only Austrian among the Germans, I would say it was him! He was an Austrian Great, not a German Great!

  4. Nope, sorry.

    While you are technically correct, the actual reason Falco is the odd one out is that the others have talent and he is shit.

    Better luck next time.

  5. come on Chris, without Falco we wouldn’t have that gem from the Simpsons musical of Planet of the Apes:
    “Ooh, help me Dr Zaius!”

    ; )

    Molly – I was thinking exactly the same as you!

  6. Well I was going to say that but on your post you said the poster said “German Music Greats”, which of course he was not German and he was not great. So I think I am still right!

  7. What not a lot of people know about Falco is that he actually built a time travelling machine and went back in time to 1770, where he witnessed an early form of credit card ‘plastic money’ in Vienna, circulating at that time. By 1780 all these credit cards had been destroyed. He writes about this phenomenon in Rock Me Amadeus:

    ‘Es war um 1780
    Und es war in Wien
    No plastic money anymore
    Die Banken gegen ihn’

    Just thought I’d share 😉

  8. If I remembered anything at all from elementary school music class, perhaps I could add something intelligent to this conversation. But I can’t even come up with the good joke due to my lack of knowledge on the subject.

    Maybe if you post the list of verbs in the “WC,” I’ll be able to snark on it a bit better, Chris. (And, Molly, you’re making me look really bad by actually knowing what you’re talking about!) You’re all too intelligent for me. I’m off to watch America’s Next Top Model– I always feel smart in comparison to the models on it!

  9. My (cunning) plan was to see which one people went with and then say the other one, as they are both true as you point out.

    I have just watched the Simpsons’ Planet of the Apes musical on YouTube, this being my second recommendation (from the same person!).

    Brilliant (as of course I knew it would be).

    Emma, um, absolutely! “Not a lot of people”?! Maybe, just you!

    Sadly Kat, my memory skills are not up to memorising 100 verbs (50 spoken English and 50 written English). I can make some up if you like?!

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