Time to cash in my hard-earned Brownie points

Reluctant as I am to swing back round to everyone’s hate list…

It has been brought to my attention that it is perhaps not a Very Good Thing to have the following alert on my phone every xth* of the month:


Your thoughts?

* well that really would be too much information!


16 thoughts on “Time to cash in my hard-earned Brownie points

  1. I think you should always buy her chocolate and tell her she looks beautiful, no matter what time of the month it is!

  2. Hmm, I don’t think that makes you really bad…or even bad at all…I would maybe remove the “move breakables” bit but the rest, should you be someone with a not very good memory like my husband, I think is acceptable – if that is how you need to remember to get the chocolate in
    (though Molly makes a very valid point about the rest of the month!)

  3. I agree with Molly – there can never be enough chocolate!

    As for the alert – perhaps Roobik should have one. It wouldn’t offend me, I know how I can be…

  4. why would that put you on a hate list? you are right to get yourself in the right frame of mind for the hormonal onslaught of PMS. Just remember to buy the RIGHT brand of chocolate or you might make her angry.

  5. I think having that alert on your phone sounds like an excellent idea. More men should.

  6. Don’t believe them – it’s a trap! They just want you to let your guard down.

  7. I think you need to set that alarm for a few days before hand. THATS when she’s dangerous. And it puts you in the good books before she even gets shitty.

    If you’re in those books when she’s shitty, there’s NOOOO getting out again.

  8. I’m on the ‘wishing more men would do this’ side.

    But chocolate every day of the month.

  9. I’m with the girls on this one. More men should do this. Don’t worry, this hasn’t put you on everyone’s hate list 🙂 Mind you, should you really need an alert to tell her she’s beautiful?

    I think mine must have a similar alert but has the added line of ‘pass glass of wine’ with the chocolate.


  10. I’m with the other girls – no hate list for you – on this one at least!

    I like how hardly any boys have commented on this one though – scared much?

    ; )

    She could only be mad about it when you’ve just needed the warning. But then you’ll already have chocolate on hand so you should be fine!

  11. But girls- he should be nice to me ALL MONTH LONG. And no, not because I have constant PMT

  12. But if he was nice to you all the time, you’d have to be nice back all the time, so as not to relinquish the high moral ground!

    Although you could acceptably demand to not be called a dog, I think.

    : )

  13. also, I can’t comment on Juliet’s blog as I don’t have a Google account. Boo.

    Of course dream sex is not cheating. Daydream sex is more of a gray area, I think!

  14. Well, I am very glad I haven’t upset anyone with this.

    I wonder if all the girls here spent enough time reading each other’s blogs… do you think you would start to synchronise?

    That would be very cool. And I would have a definite time to avoid the contentious topics.

  15. I think Lindt chocolate.

    I have synchronised with all the important people in my life – none of our boyfriends come near us within the first three days, and we all hate each other for three days of every month.

    PS: Juliet sounds like a hoot.

  16. I think you could launch a site that allows guys to sign up to receive txt message alerts with that message during that time of the month. I see big $$$

    also make sure you know if she’s a milk chocolate or dark chocolate fan otherwise …duck and cover if you bring the wrong one! 😉

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