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I watched Flash Gordon again today. It was bloody terrible (I had actually forgotten Flash’s criminal “acting”) but I still liked it.

I finished reading The Lovely Bones by Alice Somebody the other day. I could see objectively that some bits were quite good, but I just didn’t like it.

Sorry everyone.*

I was moved to ponder the difference between thinking something is good, and liking something. Not moved enough to come up with any kind of answer though.

* and yes I do mean “everyone”. Please feel free to tell me how I am an emotional cripple for not liking this book, I am ready for you!


12 thoughts on “Like/don’t like

  1. I understand your reasons for not liking The Lovely Bones, although I have to say I enjoyed it but found some parts a little silly. I highly recommend Mystic River, much better than the film.

    And Flash Gordon? Really?!!

  2. You should never have to apologise to ANYBODY for your tastes. If something doesn’t appeal to you, there’s nothing you can do to change it.

    I personally haven’t seen the movie or read the book you referred to.

  3. I was surprised to find I didn’t hate The Lovely Bones. I’m not sure I’d recommend it to anyone, I’d more say “it’s not as bad as you think it is going to be” – not exactly heaping praise!

  4. Hmm… difference between liking something & thinking it’s good.

    Here’s my contribution – 28 Days Later, (the British zombie movie, not the Sandra Bullock rehab “comedy”)… I hated it, because it was so stomach-churningly gross – vomiting black bile? Not pretty. But the concept, the cinematography & production design, all good and appropriate to the film.

    As opposed to that musical film Bjork was in (“Dancing in the Dark” or something?) which was just dreadful in pretty much every way. Tastelessness dressed up as art.

    I haven’t read the Lovely Bones but I suspect I will not like it as I prefer escapist nonsense. Life has enough tragedy, thanks.

    : )

  5. The Sandra Bullock ‘film’ is called just “28 Days”.

    And Flash Gordon is one of the greatest films ever… filmed on location in Skye.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I only have fourteen hours to save the Earth!

  6. I haven’t read Lovely Bones, but isn’t all you mean is that lots of people liked it and it was hyped up by the publisher in order to sell it…and yet, why should that mean you should like it? Let’s face it, most commercial fiction is crap. You probably have discerning taste, that’s all.

  7. “Aha, I thought it was one of the prime numbers of the Ziemann series. I haven’t changed!”

    Seriously Stephen, it is dreadful!

    But I love it of course.

    Oh and in case you were worried Phish, I was only pretending to apologise, it’s not in me to do it sincerely.

    I am pleased to see that other people don’t like ‘Bones either, I had figured it to be universally popular. Another of Welshy’s rubbish recommendations! ;o)

    I am not sure I am as deep as Southern Belle though! I just sometimes like shite stuff!

  8. Sorry, Emma, you snuck in… No, I think it was generally well received, and I could see it had its good points… but as a whole it just lacked something for me.

    Other people are welcome to like it without feeling that I think I am better than them, it just wasn’t my cup of tea!

    Mmmm, tea!

  9. Oh! Flash Gordon! Damn it. Now I want to watch it. I don’t care how shite it is.

    I haven’t read Lovely Bones, and I don’t think I’m going to. I have an aversion to books on Oprah’s list, whether they’re written well or not. I revel in the irrationality.

  10. “Another of Welshy’s rubbish recommendations”

    Um, I think I recommended it to her and then she must have recommended it to you, so I am the one who started this thing.

  11. Oh well, I take my rant back then. My redhead enthusiasm will be needed elsewhere.

  12. Flash! Ahaaa! He saved every one of us! (Der der der der der der!)

    Glad to have inspired you Ms B!

    And I had a lot of recommendations, Molly, I am just singling out Welshy because I can. She loves it really!

    “Never apologise, never explain.”

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