My profuse and sincere apologies must go out to Blog World for my extended absence.

I will come back and comment at the comments later.

The reason I have been absent is because I received an email titled, like this post, “BANK OF AFRICA OUAGADOUGOU”.

This is from a very nice man called Abuduli Usman. I don’t know how Abuduli has heard of me, but he has been assured of my “discretion and capability” by a “mutual acquaintance” and so it would seem churlish of me to refuse his request for help.

I merely need to provide the details of a UK bank account so he can give me US$8.5 million.

I have never received an email like this, although I have heard a lot about them. The first thing I noticed about it was how transparently scammish it was. The reason why they needed a UK account (an American philanthropist and his lady wife had died in a plane crash, and as he was a “foreign” then they needed another “foreign” with a valid passport to pay the cash to) wouldn’t have deceived a child. So how do people fall for these things?

The second thing I noticed was that it had arrived in my Inbox (his email was, if you are interested, and I don’t rememeber .ca being assigned to Burkina Faso when they were doing the domain name handouts… in fact didn’t it go to that annexe of the US, I forget its name… anyway!) and I wondered how this had happened… I had been careful to split my email address in the side bar so it took up two lines with a line break in beween.

And then!

I spotted a comment from Welsherella which had my email address in full with no obstructions!* Don’t trifle with me Welshy! You stepped outside the circle of trust before… don’t make me expel you permanently… If you’re not in the circle you’re against us!

I have my (good) eye on you!

That is enough rambling from me, I have three emails from sultans and two from exiled princes to read.

PS If you would like me to follow this email up in the interests of an amusing story then feel free to forward me your bank account details and I will use you as my “business partner”. I feel sure Abuduli wouldn’t mind.

* someone technical who understands computers will tell me that it isn’t this that has done it at all, but I will know that Welshy has got to you first if you point this out…



  1. Do you have a good eye dear?

    People are forever following up these things and getting ripped off. I even saw one that made it onto one of these TV shows in France where you get a bunch of lawyers to try to sort out your problems.

    They just kept going on about how they thought they were helping the poor desolate man… The lawyers kept straight faces, proving they were at least a little bit good at their jobs!

    Remember when I had a dodgy email claiming to be from my bank. My bank, who are monumentally awful, were surprisingly unhelpful, and seemingly unconcerned, that some crackpot had managed to connect my bankl and email address.

    Idiots, the lot of them…

  2. I used to get loads of these at work! And then, once or twice I even got letters (because my name and address was on the company website). I am astonished that people fall for them! Reaaally????

  3. I don’t get so many of them these days, I used to get loads. I get ones from banks (lots of them, not just my own, Australian AND British, I must be special) but the ones I really have to put up with, which fill my spam box to monumental proportions, are the ones advertising products that would give me larger, um, bits (trying to be delicate, probably failing). Though why they all think I’m a bloke I have not got the faintest idea…

  4. I don’t think you have a good eye because you wouldn’t have made this awful spelling mistake:


    I know, I am so childish but get great pleasure from this! Mwahahaha!

    Maybe the same people who sent you this scam are the ones who have stolen Welshy’s identity and got her into lots of trouble?

  5. My name is Welsherella. I am a bad friend and that is why someone has got me into lots of trouble with a fraudulent credit card. Clearly, I deserved it.

  6. The surprising thing is that people DO fall for these scams. Otherwise I guess they wouldn’t do them.

    There must be some very gullible people out there

  7. Well, I’m a sucker for any email from darkest Afrique that arrives in my Inbox addressed to ‘My Dear’.

    Or, maybe I’m not a sucker after all, because I have managed to hold on to the $1.50 that I call my own.

  8. Chris…you have this all wrong. Abuduli Usman is a man I have had many business dealings with and the Bank of Africa Ouagadougou is a totally legitimate bank. Furthermore, Mr Usman has my bank account details and recently forwarded 3.6 million pounds into my account….not too shabby, I thought.

  9. I have two half-good eyes, it makes one in total!

    I too am amazed at the gullibility of some people…

    Ellie, I too get many emails encouraging me to enhance my manhood… Most of these are from Juliet however.

    Welshy, very humble. Well done. You are on probation. You may buy me cake tomorrow.

    Emma, you scoundrel, are you in league with this man?

    I will use your bank account details then, if that is okay. Send them to me by email and you can have my millions too, as I am kind like that!

  10. Yayz! You are back!

    I thought you had left forever and I was deeply saddened.

    Alas, my heart is happy again and your link is being replaced post haste!

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