Judgment or judgement?

That is all.


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  1. Wikipedia says:
    The spelling judgment is found in the Authorized Version of the Bible. However, the spelling judgement (with e added) largely replaced judgment in the United Kingdom in a non-legal context, possibly because writing dg without a following e for the /dʒ/ was seen as an incorrect spelling. In the context of the law, however, judgment is preferred. In the U.S. judgment strongly prevails. As with many such spelling differences, both forms are equally acceptable in Canada and Australia, although judgment is more common in Canada and judgement in Australia”

    Therefore, both are correct, but of course, you can have a preference depending on where you live. I think I am too Americanised because I would probably say judgment.

    Word verification is SMENITA, which I think should be the name for the first offspring of Chruliet!

  2. Judgement, say I. My spellchecker (currently set to that mockery of ‘English’ they use in the US) claims judgement is wrong and judgment is correct. Silly spellchecker.

    I have now spoken on this issue; it has been judgd.

    Also, if you’re rejecting Smenita, how about Lvfnrk?

  3. I would also go with judgement. Although it’s probably unsurprising that Stephen and I would agree on it.

    I have to admit that I would have rejected judgment as just plain wrong before it was brought to my attention by this very post [well done Chris, gold star for you]. Also did not realise or notice that the Authorised Version used judgment. I shall have to check that tonight.

    How about dwleswsh?

  4. I prefer judgement, this must be why I’m going to live in Australia, not the USA 🙂 Forget Smenita, I have the best name – znclfh, how could you choose otherwise? 😉


  5. Stephen, I like your attempt to justify judgement by mocking judgd… but as we all know, such arguments have no weight in the wondrous free-for-all that is the English language… after all, who would guess that scone should rhyme with gone?!

    Thank you for the Gold Star, Richard, it is most kind. You and Stephen agreeing though is no fun… maybe we should talk about clock patience again!

    And Dwleswsh is far too Welsh, ‘Rella can have that one.

    I don’t know much about the Bible, anyway, but I know that Terminator 2 is Judgment Day and not Judgement Day and that is where I got it from!

    Anyway, I can be tolerant – let’s all live in harmony! As Stephen would no doubt say, “Judg not, lest ye be judgd”.

  6. Incidentally, the spellchecker on my own laptop, which is set to the Queen’s English, claims that both judgement and judgment are acceptable.

  7. Honestly Chris, it’s clock solitaire.

    Be careful, lest your gold star be revokd!

    Furthermore, Stephen and I can have argu… discussions about many exciting topics, but we tend to do that in person, given that we do occasionally see one another. No, you shall have to say something really grating like “Joan Burnie’s the best”, “I’m not sure Richard is the king of the world”, or “you know, I think feminists may have a point” to get an argu… discussion out of me.

  8. So, is “king of the world” above or below “glorious leader” in the heirarchy?

    Also, you’re clearly not “king of the world”, not even being an extra in Titanic.

    Furthermore, I’m inclined to think that feminists may have a point. Except, of course, any feminist who expresses said point immediately becomes unworthy of the title. As I believe I mentioned on Friday, the true feminists are the ones who never seem to mention the topic, but instead get on with the business of being equal.

    Sadly, I can’t bring myself to type the words “Joan Burnie’s the best.”

  9. There is only one knig, Richard.

    And of course feminists have a point.

    Don’t be so silly!

  10. Steve:
    Above – clearly!
    Did you copy and paste the words instead?

    I choose to ignore your spelling and grammar and thank you for indeed declaring
    “There is only one king Richard” – sounds like it should be chanted footbally style.

    Everyone else:
    Where are all the women when you want them to explode in a burst of feminist rage?

  11. Very clever!

    However, I am clearly wrong as I remember a play called “Richard III”.

    I retract my comment.

    Good old Joan Burnie…

    …who is she then?

    Hang on, I’ll wikipedia her.

  12. Sorry, I’m a bit late… I think I am here to be an angry woman but after reading this discussion I am certain that I am anything but “equal” to you guys… What on earth are you talking about?!

  13. Of course you’re equal. Everyone’s equal. It’s just that some people are a bit more equal than others. I call it “Equality Plus”.

    As for what we were going on about… Chris was trying to stir up an argument between me and Richard, but the Captain failed to take the bait. He then referred to a couple of things that might provoke him.

    The “king of the world”/”glorious leader”/”knig” thing refers to Richard’s ridiculous claim that his name sounds expecially natural when prefixed with “King”. The “Glorious Leader” is of course George W Bush. And, clearly, I am the knig.

    Joan Burnie is a rather poisonous opinion columnist/agony aunt for one of the local papers in Scotland. She gets things right just often enough that you can’t quite dismiss her out of hand… but she has an absurd anti-men stance. In many ways, she is Richard’s worst nemesis.

    And my comment about feminists relates to my view that feminists can be divided into two groups: those who go on and on about equality, women’s rights, and all sorts of other things (often taking issue with the most trivial nonsense), and those women who tend never to mention the subject, but instead quietly get on with the business of actually being equal.

    Hope that helps. Must dash.

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