A new assault on the English language

Those hardcore readers may remember my previous attempt to create a word for the English language…

I was chatting to Molly today and I happened to use the word “avuncular” which, as we all know, means “like an uncle”.

So… [drum roll]

How about – “tanticular”?

It means “like an aunt” of course!

Your thoughts?


9 thoughts on “A new assault on the English language

  1. With my dirty, dirty, mind – I immediately started going with things along the lines of “tantric sex.”

    But hey, that’s just me.

    You should come up with a whole bunch of words, put them in order, and call it The Chrictionary.


  2. PS: Thanks for the linkage!!! I just noticed and now I am all excited with no one to grab, pull, and point to it so that they, too, can share in my excitement.


    But thank you :). I’m honored that someone with your writing skills deems me worthy to read!

  3. For some reason, I associate ‘tanticular’ with tarantulas. Doesn’t even seeing the word make you imagine eight great hairy legs crawling up your arm?


  4. Good grief Amber, don’t say things like that, his head is big enough already!!! I can imagine him sitting at his computer, a smug expression on his face as he looks out the window and sees all the hoards (whores?) of girls lining up at his front door! I don’t know how on earth Juliet will wade through them all when she tries to get home in a couple of weeks.

  5. Amber… um. Thanks very much.

    You will make me blush.

    No, Tanticular does not remind me of spiders, not does it remind me of big bollocks (as a certain other unnamed commenter suggested*). But it does remind me of octopuses (sorry, can’t bring myself to actually use octopi), possibly because it sounds like “tentacular”.

    Molly, you make me sound most big-headed! I can’t help the smug expression, my face rearranges itself this way automatically when I think about how great I am.

    And LG: Yes… yes she is.

    * Molly. Obviously.

  6. How dare you! You suggested the big bollocks thing when I said that tanticular sounded like something was awfully huge. You were reminded of a picture of a pair of bollocks that you look at more frequently than you should! Herumph!

  7. google gave three hits…

    none of them yours 🙂

    Cool, a new word, one i’m sure will never be uttered from my lips 🙂

    Well done…

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