The flood, and the evils of modern Christianity

It has rained a lot here recently! Here are some fields near my house.

It has made getting into work very tiresome!

I was reading a story about an assistant minister getting very wet whilst trying to save his church’s piano. Then I read this: “the only casualty was a puppy owned by the Sunday School,” he laughed. “We found it head down floating outside the church! He’s hanging on a line now, I hope he dries out!”

Er, what?!

I was getting ready to post about the evils of modern Christianity, but then I realised I had misread it, and it said “puppet” not “puppy”.



5 thoughts on “The flood, and the evils of modern Christianity

  1. Heh heh!

    The whole flood thing is doing us big favours, whenever we feel like complaining about a New Zealand winter…

  2. Fortunately, I built an Ark for just such an eventuality. Unfortunately, it’s in Scotland, and I’m not.

  3. Ha!

    And *chortle*

    You’re such a goose. (Imagine a smiley emoticon here. I refuse to use them, so you’ll just have to imagine it.)

  4. Church has puppets? It would be way cooler if it had puppies. Keep the kids entertained for the entirety of mass.

  5. I am rather disturbed that the church has puppets. I can’t help but think of that teacher from South Park who has a puppet and he is seems like a bit of a child molester. The teacher, not the puppet.

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