Twenty six

I am 26 today.

Feel free to leave a short message with your commiserations!

PS Happy birthdays to Meva and Stephen, they are around now, I think. And anyone else who wants one.


16 thoughts on “Twenty six

  1. Happy Birthday Chris! I have just sent off a parcel of jaffa cakes and some trousers with reinforcements around the bollocks which I sewed in myself. I sent them by sea mail so they may only be with you by Christmas, but I reckon it’s the thought that counts.

    Has it stopped raining where you are yet? I had assumed you were in London but may be wrong. where are you? anywhere near Sheffield?

  2. Oh, a young’un! I do remember 26 being a little traumatic with the whole, “Oh my God, I’m officially in my late 20s” thing. Or that may have been just me!

    Happy Birthday, Chris!

  3. Happy Birthday you old git! Have a smashing day, with lots of beer and cake. Do you think Emma’s Jaffa Cakes will be mouldy by Christmas? I nearly bought a pack last night at this store that sells English stuff but I settled for coca cola bottles and curly wurly’s instead.

  4. Happy Birthday to you!
    My husband had the whole “officially late 20s” trauma…but as I like my even years better, I thought 26 was very good.

  5. Aw, thanks Emma, that is very kind!

    I live in Derby (at present, although this may change). It is south of Sheffield by a little bit.

    Kat!! And to a lesser extent Jen…. NO NO NO NO NO!!!!

    You know NOTHING!!! 26 is not late 20s you fools – it is mid 20s. Gack!! 20-24 early twenties, 25-28 mid twenties, 29 late twenties, 30+ very late twenties… everybody knows this!!


    PS curly wurlies!!! yeeeeah!

  6. I like your reasoning Chris, I can now tell everyone that I’m in my mid-twenties, sounds so much better! I quite liked 26, especially the end of it when I met Graham 😉

    You should be yeeeahing the Jaffa Cakes, much better than Curly Wurlies!

    Oh, and Happy Birthday!!!! Have a good one 🙂

  7. Jaffa cakes are good… but only the originals, not the lemon and lime or blackcurrant ABOMINATIONS.

    Curly wurlies… come on!

  8. Not to sound repetitive… but.


    May it be full of… whatever floats your boat the most :).

  9. Happy birthday, young man! I, too, remember 26. It’s the year my first born was conceived. I am now in my very late 20’s, indeed. In fact, I think they’re referred to as the post-20’s years, which I can see stretching on for quite a while.

  10. Excuse me? Lemon and lime? Blackcurrant?! Jaffa cakes?! Tell me that isn’t true…

  11. They changed Jaffa cakes? Jaffa cakes should only exist with the orangey stuff! As much as it pains me, I have to agree with Chris on this, and I too would rather have curlie wurlies instead of Jaffa cakes.

  12. Curly Wurlies beat jaffa cakes and I also think jaffa cakes should just be orange. “Jaffa”… d’uh!

  13. Welshy – I don’t recall any wrong jaffa cakes previously…but perhaps my head was just firmly in the sand about them! And precisely, the name says it all…

  14. Don’t worry Jen, I was horrendously suprised about the Jaffa Cakes too. I was VERY shocked to see that they weren’t all orange when I got back in the country.

  15. 🙂

    sorry, missed it…
    infrequent flyer that i am.



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