Young Person’s Railcard

In Britain, if you are 25 or under you are entitled to a discount card that entitles you to 33% off rail travel. The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that I am now 26. This makes me Not Young any more as far as the rail operators are concerned.

Because of this, I needed to go and replace my Young Person’s Railcard on 28 June to get another year of cheap travel. But (of course) I forgot, mainly because I am crap like that, but also because I haven’t been travelling on the train for the last week because of the incredible things they have been doing to the timetable.

But, as I surfaced on the 29th, full of the joys of summer (it was raining) did I feel resentful? Of course not! How well do you know me?

The Scene: Derby Station, 9:03PM

Me: Hello! Please help! It’s an emergency!
Man in ticket office: Yes?
Me: I have to be 25 to get a Young Person’s Railcard, don’t I?
MITO: Yes.
Me: Thank goodness I caught you. I was born at 9:23PM on 29 June, I’m here just in time!
MITO: [inspects my old card] So, your birthday is today?
Me: Well, I mean technically it is, yes.
MITO: I’m afraid we take your birthday to start at midnight.
Me: If I get my mum to come in and promise I was an evening birth, will you give me a railcard then?
Me: Are you going to wish me a happy birthday?
MITO: [raises his eyebrow]

And the thing is, if I had taken him and pushed him under one of the trains, they’d have called me the criminal.


10 thoughts on “Young Person’s Railcard

  1. I like the last part. You should have demanded a free grand slam breakfast. He would have given you the rail pass just to make you go away, then!

  2. I do feel for you…but I would have thought that someone as organized as you would have gone to get the card the day before you turned 26.

  3. I think the whole idea of a Young Person’s Railcard a rip off anyways… Although I do realise that it costs the equivelent of a deposit on a small house to buy a ticket nowadays…

    But still – I may just be bitter that they put up the age of concession tickets to the Orchestra to 30. The year I turned 31. HOW RUDE.

  4. Rats. But thinking positively, not long now til you can get the OAP discount.

  5. 26? is that all?
    you ain’t even been born yet…


    Still, won’t be long now, and you’ll get a free bus pass…

  6. i wonder if you can get a fake id to make you actually younger than you are.

    i haven’t actually had to show proof of age until recently when i was forced to prove that i was over 18 when purchasing Sex in the City on DVD.

    of course, as you can imagine, this caused me to rejoice to no end, seeing as i’m in the last couple of weeks of my 20s.

  7. Hypothetically speaking, the nerve of those people to consider YOU the criminal if you had, indeed, pushed him under the trains. After all, he wouldn’t even wish you a happy birthday!

    (Happy Belated Birthday!)

  8. How horrible! But the train pass guy probably travels for free, so he’s not going to have much compassion for your plight. I can’t imagine what you pay for a year’s worth of travel (and even if you told me, I’d have a hard time converting it!), but 33 percent sounds like a pretty sweet discount.

    I’m with SJ about trying to get a fake ID in order to purchase a cheap ticket.

  9. Molly, I am still very young thank you.

    Mister Underhill… you are clearly not the expert at British railways. You don’t demand anything. You politely ask and then they tell you to fuck off.

    Emma, hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Please let me confirm that I am NOT organised in any way, as anyone who knows me at all will confirm.

    Acton B, that is most rude, I feel for you. And I agree that the concept is foolish, but would have liked to have remembered to get the card as I was entitled to one.

    London Girl… ditto what I said to Molly.

    Inc, tritto.

    There goes another entry for the chrictionary…

    Fake ID is definitely an idea, though, SJ.

    And yes, I too enjoy being IDed muchly.

    Amber… as well as being the de facto inventor of the chrictionary, you now also hold the coveted title of person who has wished me happy birthday the most times. Including members of my own family.


    Kat, you make a good point re his lack of empathy skills; what a shortsighted policy, allowing them all to travel for free. I will write a complaining email now!

  10. Welshy and I came up with a word for your Chrictionary the other day…I forget now! Best ask her!

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