Dracula cannot see his own reflection in a mirror. It is well documented in film and TV. (Also probably in the original book, but I am not certain of this.)

Despite this, his hair is always immaculate.

Well done, Dracula.


13 thoughts on “Dracula

  1. It might explain, though, why he never had cosmetic dentistry on those rather unfortunate teeth.

  2. And he manages to have immaculate hair first thing at sunset. Truly amazing. When you see him, pass on my awe, will you?

  3. I’m not convinced that congratulating evil creatures of the night is a very responsible way to behave. Shame on all of you!

    (I considered using the word yous or possibly youse to see if Chris would explode, but decided that I would probably be charged for the clean up – it wouldn’t be worth it.)

  4. I am dubious of your logic Chris. How do you know Dracula doesn’t wear an easy to slip on wig every morning, and in consequence does not need to look in the mirror? Ever met the bloke? Huh?

  5. Ohh ok, I get it now! Didn’t quite understand what this was about, until I read the comments!
    Yes, how curious!
    Nice word verificaion – egdzaotg

  6. Molly, if only you saw me when I first leave the house on a Monday morning and you would eat your words.

    Nai, nice idea. A bit out of character for someone so controlling to have to rely on someone else to remove the grey hairs that have appeared overnight, though. (Overday?)

    I would go for the Bela Lugosi bald look I think.

    Meva, yes, a valid point. Although maybe he worked with the same person I do, and was frightened of going to the dentist.

    Adventuring Jen and Stephen, you must immediately lock yourselves away to write the screenplay. Here is my suggestion:

    Count: “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”
    Mirror: “Hello? Did anyone else hear a voice?”

    Okay, it’s rubbish; over to you.

    Phish… he doesn’t live in England you know! Somewhere in Romania, last I heard. I’ll say hi when I’m next over.

    Richard. Richard, Richard, Richard.

    Do you know what they call the film “Silence of the Lambs” in Liverpool?

    [dramatic pause]

    “Stut up ewes.”

    Works better out loud.


    And Emma, I didn’t say he didn’t. In fact it is likely, if you progress him from the aforementioned Bela to, say, Gary Oldman.* Definitely a rug.

    But I wasn’t using this to deduce his non-appearance in the looking glass. It is a standard facet of the myth.

    And no, haven’t met him. But nice one, now I won’t be able to go to sleep!

    Welcome McEwen… no… not exactly. But I do have a keen imagination!

    And Kezzie. It was just a rubbish joke, like most stuff on here!

    * who looks a lot like Vapidly Vibrant I am informed.

  7. All wrong, i’m afraid – he looks so dapper bc as he is dead he thus produce no dead skin nor germs or bodily oils and does not move while he sleeps (something with not having blood to circulate through body, yes?).

    That is all.

    *thunder bolts*
    *disapears in cloud of smoke*

  8. Nah-uh. Remember – he’s quite fond of Whitby. *questions to self: It is Whitby isn’t it? I have studied Vampyre Lore and am now confused as to whether it’s Whitby or Scarborough or Hull. Bugger*

    Annnnyway, moving right along.

    His hair is so slick and perfect due to the fat ingested while sucking the cholesterol-laden blood of the fish-n-chip guzzling Whitby-ites.

    Or something like that anyway.

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