9 hours to go

I will say no more.


35 thoughts on “9 hours to go

  1. In nine hours you will…..launch yourself from a helicopter with a parachute strapped to your back? Or…What will you be doing? Don’t keep me in suspense.

  2. Clearly, after nine more hours he’s not going to say anything more. Which seems like it might be a bit of a hardship for poor Chris, but it’s his choice I guess.

  3. Will you actually stay up all night to read the book once you have it in your hands? Or will you wait until you are more alert, to savor the moment, maybe with a glass of wine?

  4. So it is now time to go into hiding from the internet and all these crazy pages that think people WANT a synopsis! Good grief!

  5. So I guess there’ll be little sleep and no blogging for a while, eh?

    Good grief.

  6. Oh god, now I get it, you are talking about harry potter. Okay, I’m sorry Chris, but after the revelation that you are a potter super-fan, I am removing you from my fantasy roster of thinking woman’s totty. I cannot get aroused by a man who dabbles in wizardry etc. I know you are devastated 😉

  7. chris, i find it incredibly touching that you were counting down the hours before my 30th birthday.

    very, very touching.

    (and i was carousing all weekend, incredibly tipsy and extremely hungover and managed to finish the book by sunday/monday 1:30 a.m. ish.)

  8. So I didn’t get the whole thing with the comedian… maybe because I’m seeing double of everything at the moment from sheer exhaustion.

    But I did laugh at the dentist filling one. Can totally relate.

    Never had any problems with my teeth and had regular dentist appointments. Had one filling my entire life. Wait until you have to get a root canal. I just had to go through one because of a long, complicated, story… and let me tell ya, you get some evil looks from people when you mention you’ve had a root canal.

    DEVIL WITH BAD TEETH evil looks.

    I do NOT have bad teeth. Fuckers.

    So yeah… gonna stop babbling now… sorry about the filling, though! And the raping of your wallet book.

  9. Well I suppose it is quite a long book…

    Unless the final twist at the end has done for him…

  10. Oh! DUH! You were talking about the new Harry Potter book with this new entry…

    What planet am I from!? I know. Oops.

    No wonder you haven’t updated… you’re reading!

    Don’t spoil it for the rest of us, either! 🙂

  11. Hello. I am not Chris. I don’t write this blog, but it seems like no-one does at the moment. You read it, as is fairly evident by your reading these very words. Sometimes you comment. Sometimes I comment back. Sometimes Chris comments too. You can email Chris on thechrlog-at-hotmail-dot-co-dot-uk if there is something that really pisses you off, or you wish to lavish me with praise.

    In Chris’ absence, I am planning a takeover bid. All who are with me say ‘Arrrr’ in your best piratey voice.

  12. Arrrr! me hearty!

    If you can write things half as funny as Chris, I shall be half as excited to read the new pirated blog!

    ; )

  13. Arrrr! It’ll give me something to read as I endlessly come back here waiting for Chris to reappear.

    And, just as a sidenote, why would I email Chris to lavish you with praise?

  14. I should note that the Cap’n officially has his own blog, entitled Cheeseriffic. I wouldn’t bother looking it up, though – there’s not even a single post there.

    I just thought that might be worth pointing out to people considering appointing the Cap’n as Chris’ blog-squatter.

  15. ah but Stephen, the Cap’n is a prolific commenter. Perhaps his blog-buccaneering will extend only to the comments section of this post?

    ; )

  16. Dear Mister Chris,

    Unless you have been engulfed by the waters, eaten (as someone has suggested earlier) by Miss Juliet, are reeling from of the end of Harry Potter and/or murdered, in fact, by Captain Ric in some ‘Mutiny of the Blog’ struggle, this is absolutely unacceptable. Unacceptable indeed…


  17. I heard that Juliet has time to bake scones (that do not rhyme with bones) but Chris can’t be arsed to blog, only eat said scones. I have it on good authority (Welshy) that they are alive and well, but are obviously wrapped up in their own little world.

    And by the way, you do know that Chris is loving all of this attention he is getting and is just waiting it out to see how long he can milk this thing. Don’t you?

  18. Arr me hearties. This be the first post of the Cap’n’s (tee hee) blog.

    So …
    Erm …

    Any ideas as to what happens now?

  19. Shall we have guts for garters and a scurvy sandwich for tea? Or is this a 5-star pirating?

    And most importantly, do you look like Johnny Depp? Or Chris?

  20. Richard, what you do is this:

    “Captain’s Blog: Stardate 20070813.15.

    We’ve… made landfall on a strange planet. The locals seem… friendly and non-confrontational, however I… remain unconvinced. Perhaps I should… get to know one of them… better.”

    Then wait a while, and other people will comment. Regardless, things will mysteriously be back to exactly where they were at the start within 45 minutes. Fascinating, no?

  21. I’m quite happy for this little episode of blog-pirating to go ahead. Seeing as standing here with my arms crossed, glaring at the computer doesn’t seem to have moved to Chris to actually DO anything.

    I suspect he may be too busy faffing about on Facebook.

  22. FaceBook. Pah.

    I joined MySpace and did nothing with it, and then forgot my username & password… am I now doomed do do the same with FaceBook?

  23. Argh! *fists to the sky* Damn you, Crackface, damn you!

    (I feel so betrayed. I have no life.)

  24. Meva – lavishing me with praise is a good idea at any time. I see no reason to exclude the medium of Chris emailing from the list. I am also reliably informed that I look neither like Johnny Depp nor Chris.

    Vapvib – what a great idea! I should go kill Chris. Arrr, me hearties. Thar be murderin’s to be done.

    Actonb – thanks for the support, ye shall be well rewarded when the booty (tee hee) be plentiful.

    Le Welsh – that’s a terrible idea. Have you ever read anything Stephen has ever written? Crikey!

    Avast! Ye, landlubbers. Thar be a foul wind in the air. Fear not the threats of the one they call Chris. He be all talk and no action. Arr!

    “betrayers and mutineers” indeed!

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