Star Wars: no hope

Just a quick question really.

I am forcing Juliet to watch Star Wars as it will help her with some work she is doing. It is fun (for me, anyway) and she is having a more enjoyable time than she thought she might.*

But she thinks that Star Wars is better than The Empire Strikes Back… What should I do?

I think the punishment should be mitigated by the fact she hasn’t once called it A New Hope, but can’t decide exactly how.

Anyway, geek out.

* It’s a bit like how Welshy is enjoying Harry Potter now she has actually tried it… honestly, when will people learn to accept that everything I say is correct?!


25 thoughts on “Star Wars: no hope

  1. Will you make her watch the “first” three films or just the classic ones?

    I like the one with Ewoks the best. I can’t remember which one that is…

    : )

  2. It’s the one we’re watching now! (“Return of the Jedi” or “Film 3” or “Episode 6” (delete according to preference)).

    I will make her watch 4-6 (or 1-3 aaaaaaaaaaaaarg) yes.

    I am interested to see if they are considered worse by someone who was not indoctrinated at an early age.

    Although whether I can sit through Jar Jar Binks again I don’t know.

    [grinds teeth]

  3. I have come to the conclusion that The Fandom Penance is actually the best of the prequel trilogy. Attack of the Clowns is marred by the truly woeful ‘love story’ between Anakin the creepy stalker and Padme the airheaded bint. Revenge of the Lucas starts well and ends well, but the middle bit is so incredibly tedious that even the mass slaughter of the idiot Jedi can’t possibly prevent one from feeling the urge to gouge out one’s own eyes, just for something to do.

    By contrast, The Empire Strikes back has the epic battle of Hoth, followed by the desperate chase through the asteroid field, followed by Yoda (from the days before he sold out and lost all credibility), followed by Cloud City, and the confrontation between Luke and Vader. Basically, it’s just great on all counts.

  4. I am so not a Star Wars fan so cannot comment!

    But you are not always right and you know it! You are just in denial.

  5. Empire Strikes Back without a doubt. How there can be any discussion about this I’m not sure. The Ewoks were cute when I was 7 but really don’t think that they’re were really all that good an idea.

    There shouldn’t really be any punishment as such, just make her watch The Empire Strikes Back until she agrees, that’s all 😉 Does anyone who is really a fan call it ‘A New Hope’? Surely it’s just Star Wars?!

    I must admit, one of my favourite games that an ex of mine had was a Star Wars prequel sort of thing called Knights of the Old Republic and it was fantastic! I want an Xbox just so I can play it again!

    p.s. say hi to her for me, I miss her blog!

  6. Oooh! I’m awestruck that’s she’s lasted this long without having seen The Original Star Warses. I’ve only seen The first prequel (can’t even remember which one it is) and thought it was such complete and unmitigated garbage that I didn’t bother with the next 2.
    ESB is definitely the best of the 3 – if only for the squelchy lightsabre-disembowelling of the yeti-like creature (can’t be arsed googling it)
    My 2 elder daughters have worn out one lot of videos and are well on the way to wearing out the second boxed set… which means I’ll have to invest in DVDs, but only want to buy them if they’re still numbered 1-3. I’m such a reactionary!

  7. The original Star Wars films have never been labelled 1 – 3. Except very briefly back in 1977, Star Wars has always been “Episode IV”. The Empire Strikes Back has always been “Episode V” and Return of the Jedi has always been “Episode VI”.

  8. Probably in about 20 years or so, when George decides he needs another few billion dollars. Or something.

    I had heard he was planning on doing an “Episode 0”. I’m not entirely sure he thought through all aspects of his numbering system…

    Anyway, as I understand it, the plot of “Episode 0” would centre around the young Yoda’s days as a padawan. Presumably, it will deal with Yoda’s troubled teen days, his spell in that rock band (Yoda and the Midichlorians), and the battle against the Sith and their malevolent agenda of enforcing good grammar. “Fight the Man we shall, hmm?” said Yoda.

  9. I have to say I like Return of the Jedi, only because I was a mad Ewok fan aged 7 (remember the cartoon ‘We’re the ewoks, magical ewoks…’?), but I like the original New Hope best rather than ESB.
    Stephen how can you be so rude about 1-3???

  10. well ok, My boxed set isn’t actually numbered. And that’s the way I want it!

    All I’m saying is “Original is Best”

  11. Partly, I exaggerate for comedic effect. Partly, I dislike the prequels because they are frankly bad films. But a full analysis of what I don’t like about the prequels is fairly epic, so I think I’ll post it on my own blog once I have a chance to write it…

  12. I have to admit that, against the tide of public opinion, I did enjoy both Ewan McGregor and Liam Neeson.

    Ah well.

  13. I think it is ok to like Star Wars most when you’ve only started watching them recently. I think you have to be committed to the series before Empire becomes the best (certainly as a child Jedi was always my favourite…then Star Wars took over for a year or two…then Empire. Though I have to totally disagree with Stephen and say that Revenge of the Sith is now fighting for top place (though really just cos it was soooooo much better then feared based on the other two!))

  14. stephen – you could put that enormous brain to good use and tell me what that bloody yeti-type creature is… It’s bugging me now (but still not enough to google it)

    I always like Ewan McGregor and Liam Neeson, nondescript robes notwithstanding…

  15. Aren’t they called Wampas or something?

    I’m not sure, I get them mixed up with the things they ride. Weren’t they called Tomtoms or something… or is that SatNav?


  16. Stephen, I must respectfully disagree with you on the Anakin/Padme love story in the second prequel.

    Although Padme *is* a featherbrain, Anakin’s pouty, insistent teenager was spookily reminiscent of an ex of mine.

    So I concluded that Hayden Whatshisname was a very good actor as he made my stomach turn in exactly the same way!

  17. Ah, well, I can’t possibly sanction that.

    Quick: in the trash compactor scene in Star Wars, Luke is pulled under the water by a strange creature. But what is the name of that creature?

  18. Aw man, no fair! At least I had one good night’s sleep.

    I’m having a severe attack of the nostalgia’s and may watch a SW triple bill tonight instead of going to see a Blues singer down at the Heritage Hotel.

  19. It turns out my neighbours were away last night, which meant a lack of screaming babies to keep me awake, which meant that I, too, got a good night’s sleep.

    Consequently, I feel it is acceptable for me to tell you: it is the dianoga.

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