I can’t afford it

Me and Juliet have found a nice little flat to live in.

As a result, we have had many, many outgoings that are higher than usual. Indeed, this includes three sets of rent. Which is a lot.

As a result, “I can’t afford it” is my new catchphrase.

I mean, I’m sure we could afford it if we chose to use loads of credit cards, but we choose not to. Blood sucking leeches. Instead we choose to sit watching TV (I’ll probably have to fork out for the licence, I’m not too poor for morals, sadly) eating beans in jumpers.

I mean, we’ll be wearing the jumpers, not the beans, obviously.

Oh, and this newfound parsimony doesn’t include the course that we have both signed up to, even though that cost loads too, as that is self-betterment and therefore very worthy. (And also I put it on the credit card so it doesn’t count.)


8 thoughts on “I can’t afford it

  1. Yay for fab flat (ooh alliteration),Hurrah for jumpers and beans (get a Dressinggown alla Victorian Gentleman and wear it over your jumper and clothes) Where’s Juliet’s blog gone?

  2. Oh dude, that s soooo my mantra already.

    Courtesy of having a mortgage and two delicate-constitutioned pets (who cost us buckets in vet bills and general destruction of property).

    : )

  3. We have had proper jobs for a long time and not been this broke, now Welshy has finished her pretend job and got a proper one, she will be richer than all of us. I say you make her pay for the coffee for a bit!

    But at least you have your own space and don’t have to live in a closet type space anymore so hurrah for that!

  4. Ugh… sorry, no sympathy here! At least you have someone to help out and to come home to at night!!

    Try living in an expensive city and being able to afford your own apartment on a single income. Soooo not fun. Until I find a place, I am basically a housekeeper/free nanny for my aunt and uncle whom I am staying with. Although the nanny part doesn’t bother me because I LOVE my cousins (cutest kids in the WORLD) and helping out around the house doesn’t bother me either as I was trained from a young age to share chores and pick up after yourself.

    It’s that whole “lack of freedom because you’re busy doing everything else for everyone else,” no privacy, and not being able to really have a social life that is hard…

    Anyway. You and Juliet will make it! I have no doubt! Just hang in there and keep plugging along… I’ve found that the circumstances in life always smooth themselves out one way or the other :).

    Besides, you and Juliet are obviously very much in love… and that gives beauty and quality to life. All love does, but especially when it’s that “special someone.”

    Dammit, sorry. My romantic heart is coming out to say hello.

    Glad to see you posting (somewhat regularly) again! 🙂

  5. Well, you are still youngsters, you can cope with a bit of hardship. Imagine my plight, I was used to living the Life of Riley in London, party animal, flat in Central London. Then got up the spout at 29 moved to Baltimore with a 21 year old student (now husband). We lived in a rancid apartment with a baby (ours) and an assortment of rats, mice and cockroaches for three years! And we’re still married…i mean I’m still married to the man not to one of the cockroaches.

  6. You’re back! Hello. I’m a bit behind the eight ball when it comes to blogging. I’ve got about 300 blogs clogging up google reader.

    So why are you renting three places again?

  7. Oh, sorry… to explain:

    First rent – previous place
    Second rent – this month’s rent
    Third rent – bond for new flat – coincidentally equal to one month’s rent

    It should be noted that we need no sympathy. Everything is going fine. The post was more a comment on it being better to avoid instant gratification if it avoids excessive interest rates on credit cards really.

    However, if you wish to send me money then please go ahead. I will only spend it on beer, though, not on charity work or anything, so you are warned.

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