Fudging smoking ban

I hereby withdraw my support for the smoking ban.

(1) I am surrounded by smoking employees at the entrance to every building.
(2) (and much more importantly) I have nowhere to put my used tomato ketchup/mayonnaise sachets when I have finished with them when I go for a nice pub lunch.

Seriously, ash trays have lots of uses… let’s not discard them just because we are making social pariahs out of smokers.

I will write to Gordon Brown.*

* Attention foreigners – he is our Prime Minister now. It should be noted that he is not (as one American politician thought) called Tony Brown. [shakes head]


5 thoughts on “Fudging smoking ban

  1. This week, we have (here in Scotland, where we’ve had the ban for longer than England) had the results of a study published into the effects of the smoking ban.

    Admittance to hospital due to heart failure has dropped extremely sharply since the ban was introduced. A good thing, methinks.

    On the other hand, pub retailers have been complaining of declining profits. Perhaps because they’re having to spend more on cleaning products for the tables, now that we just have to dump the used ketchup/mayonnaise sachets on the bare table. I feel a PhD coming on …

  2. If you get a PhD for that research, I fear it may trigger an outbreak of my Bemused Face Syndrome.

  3. US Press (ooh! a rhyme!) called the Australian Prime Minister by the wrong name, too. But that’s okay. Just call him Right Tosser and everyone knows who you mean.

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