Gerry McCann is guilty!

… of not using the apostrophe very well on his blog.

As to the other thing… well, I say “innocent till proven guilty” and let’s all keep an open mind.

In other news, BT are the world’s worst company and I am no closer to getting an internet connection.

So, how’ve you all been?


12 thoughts on “Gerry McCann is guilty!

  1. Ive been well. Mostly, Ive been catching up with the thing’s “people” have been written on there blog’s.

  2. Chris, how rude of you not to link to the blog in question – or explain to your non-British readers who Gerry McCann is or what he’s supposedly done apart from have crap grammar skillz!

    PS I am fine.

  3. My sister thinks they did it, I think that if they did, it was an accident and they would not have gone to such great lengths to “dispose” of her. I hope I am right. I was going to say that they are intelligent people, but leaving any child alone is pretty stupid, so who knows. It actually made the cover of People magazine here last week, which is quite a big deal.

  4. My uterus hurts and I want sex.

    But apart from that I’m doing really well. Thanks for asking.

  5. I don’t think they did it. If they did it doesn’t really say much for the Portugese police that they didn’t find this hastily hidden body for 25 days…

    You’ve only discovered the BT are crap? Where HAVE you been?!

    I’m ok, just a bit stressed is all 🙂 thanks for asking

  6. I hadn’t noticed him using any apostrophes at all on his blog so the fact you’ve found some impresses me. I am concerned that some of the foreign readers (I apologise for the word ‘foreign’ – ’tis not one I particularly like) don’t know who Gerry McGann is; I think you should google him, pretty please, because regardless of whether they have done anything or not, a little girl is missing and clearly the message hasn’t gone worldwide as people wanted…
    Chris, Chris, Chris, just submit to Virgin media. It is so much less painful. They are rubbish too, of course, but they were at least quick and rubbish. x

    PS I hope you are impressed that I have torn myself away from HP7 to read your blog!

  7. I’ve been quite well. Just not quite sure why you have not been fondling your blog as much as you used to.

  8. Hello, am fine too! Missing your witty comments. Even though I confess I haven’t really been online for about 7 weeks! (not apart from searching for info on the water cycle, Spartans, gases etc…)

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