Internet joy

I have internet.

Unfortunately, it is so long since I last had internet access that I now have no readers I am sure.

In other news I had a dream that I died the other night. I was following Gandalf along a narrow shelf and I fell off and my whole life flashed past my eyes and everything. As I woke up, I found I wasn’t as dead as I expected.

So it turns out that is also an old wives’ tale.

How are you all? I hope your uteruses (uteri?!) are not hurting.

(I didn’t even know a uterus could hurt… does that make me a terrible mysogenist?)


9 thoughts on “Internet joy

  1. Ooh. Hello again. One handy thing about you not dating your posts – you naughty thing – is that we can’t say just how long it is you’ve been away. Anyhow, welcome back.

  2. My uterus is fine, thanks for asking. And, no that doesn’t make you a ‘mysogenist’, just a terrible speller.

    (And I’m glad you’re back. I was getting heartily tired of Gerry McCann’s guilt.)

  3. Mine is fine too. Why would you worry about that? (frowns in puzzled manner, biting lip, wondering if one’s uterus is meant to ache when they might be missing someone’s blogging or just because all your readers are women? Except Bib an Ric, obviously…)

  4. Bib, I like the air of mystery it gives me.

    Glad to see the uteruses are all in good working order. (The origin of the question was in a previous comment Welshy, so don’t get your uterus in a twist thinking it means anything more.)

    Meva, come now. We have established on a previous occasion that I am okay to spell missogenie any way I like. I am the new Shakspear.

    See you all soon now, hopefully.

  5. I wasn’t going to comment; I felt that it was unnecessary given that I have nothing particular to say.

    However, my word verification is “shame” and I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

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