My day at work

[preamble about children’s names]
Chris: “A child would surely get bullied with that name… I only hope they aren’t ginger.”
Unnamed colleague #1: “Yeah… you know… I wouldn’t even get a ginger cat. I went to see some kittens recently, and the ginger ones were cute but I had to get a black one as the ginger ones would have grown up… ginger.”

Is gingerism the only tolerated form of racism alive today?

Other unnamed colleague #2: “I only really like films where there are lots of explosions… not too much thinking…”
Chris: “Escapism.”
Colleague #2: “I haven’t seen that one.”
Chris: [sigh]

In other news, I got to level 50 on… Yeah me!*

* I am sad. But go and check it out, it is brilliant.


13 thoughts on “My day at work

  1. Chris Evans hasn’t suffered from being ginger, I think it makes someone unique in a lovely way. Unless you are bloody ugly and then it really doesn’t matter what colour your hair is.

  2. Being married to a ginger man, I sometimes get little rants on this subject (I was subjected to one this morning…) It’s true though…

    I’m only up to 41 on so far…

  3. Gingerism doesn’t seem to exist here in the South, but they haven’t finished hating black people & Mexicans yet…

    ; )

  4. I’m thinking it would be kind of hilarious to name my child something totally ghetto, like LaQuisha, just to see people’s faces when the whitest child ever turns up.

    ; )

  5. Thanks, Chris. Now I’m addicted, but can’t get further than level 47. You are clearly far more erudite than me.

  6. well since Chris clearly isn’t going to entertain y’all, why don’t you visit my blog & let me know what you think.

  7. KAT and I have a favorite name that depending on who has a baby first, we may steal from each other. that such name is: pearloshondria.

    i may be spelling this wrong, as i really only know it phonetically. it may also be pearlyshandrea. but that would be horrid because everyone would call her “pearly.” and that’s just wrong.

    but otherwise, i’m glad to see you’re back.

    we don’t have this gingerism problem here in the states. at least, i don’t see it, and as my roots are red (and the rest of my hair is black, which gives me this aged punk gothic look that’s quite disturbing), I would expect that if such a prejudice exist, i’d be exposed. but i also live in a blue state, so it’s hard to really judge the entire us and their thoughts on hair color.

  8. I think stupidism is pretty prevalent and allowed. I.e. if you tell someone “You are so fucking stupid, I’d really rather not talk to you,” they will mostly just grin and drool and not know they are being insulted. If you tell a obese working colleague: “You are so fucking fat, please go away, you smell” you might find yourself fired.

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