And the winner for most absurdly titled television programme goes to…

“Best ever worst auditions 3”

Really, words fail me. This is why I don’t watch TV.


7 thoughts on “And the winner for most absurdly titled television programme goes to…

  1. But, but…

    Couldn’t you just not watch that one programme, and instead watch many of the other fine shows on TV? I mean, you’re denying yourself such delights as “Dancing on the Stars”, “I’m a Celebrity; Change the Channel!” and “Are You Dimmer than Asparagus?”

  2. Actually, I quite like the sound of “Dancing on the Stars”.

    Not to be confused with “Dancing on the Stairs” which, frankly, was rubbish.

  3. Yes. I can’t decide which is the more amusing implementation, though:

    Option 1: some hapless zelebrity is tied down, and professional dancers perform a complex tap routine on their prostrate form.

    Sample Judge’s Comment: “It had style; it had passion; it had agonising screams of pain…”

    Option 2: some hapless members of the public are loaded into a shuttle and blasted off towards the sun. As they descend towards a messy explosion, they are required to engage in highly-choreographed dance routines.

    Sample Judge’s Comment: “It had dazzle; it had flare; it had agonising screams of pain…”


  4. See? And that’s exactly why I DO watch tv.

    So. The real question is. What’s the excuse for not updating, HUH?! HUH?! HUH?!

    Okay. You’re missed :).

  5. I’m just waiting for the day when they misuse “literally” in the title of one of these shows, like, “Literally The Worst Drivers in Britain” or something.

  6. This is why I hate TV. Thank you for reminding me.

    In England recently I saw an add for ‘Half Tonne Mum’.

    Words escape me.

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