Dear neighbour

I know it is unlikely that you are reading this, but I would just like to thank you for the early Christmas gift of a half-eaten kebab that you left on my doorstep last night.

If you are also the same person who was freaking Rebecca Juliet out by messing with our letterbox at 3am then please, please go away.

Yours sincerely,

Chris (from no. 35a)

PS stop putting stuff in my bin too!


11 thoughts on “Dear neighbour

  1. Chris, if you think neighbours are bad, you should try having tenants.

    PS – Read MY blog, you ungrateful non-reciprocal reader!!! Joking, a bit.

  2. Southernbelle, I really like you. You tell it like it is, and Chris is being very ungrateful and non-reciprocal right now. Oh he will tell you that he is busy with work, didn’t have internet for a long time, the usual excuses. But he is a slacker and he forgets his friends who he used to stay up until 4am in the morning to talk to. Even Le Welsh who was always part of the Chruliet in-crowd rarely gets a look in these days, and I believe she even has to make an appointment to see one of them. Maybe the neighbour was a former blog reader and got upset you never read their blog anymore or commented?

    Signed Molly, the girl from Brum who lives in Nevada, just in case you have forgotten who I am!

  3. Molly, you are sweet. I think it’s probably a lot to do with the fact that Chruliet now live in the same country… they needed the rest of us to fill up their spare time and now they have each other!

    PS – Perhaps it is *mysogynistic* of us to name the couple starting with the man’s name, but Jis just doesn’t have the same ring to it. ; )

  4. Yes, I am happy that they are finally in the same country, I just like to give Chris a hard time whenever the opportunity arises! And I don’t know where the “Chruliet” started from, maybe it was Chris himself?

  5. I am very angry at you right now Chris. That kebab was left on your doorstep in the best of faith. I thought you and your lady would enjoy it. And just because I was shouting through the letterbox at three am I was just trying to wish you both merry christmas.

    LonelyMan Next Door

  6. Is Juliet’s blog still the same? When I clicked on Welsh’s ‘And then there was…’ link, it went into something which seemed very different to her old blog?!!)

  7. No, Juliet gave up on her blog some months ago. It seems that someone else has hijacked it, which is all very exciting and mysterious. However, if you scroll down, you can still see Juliet’s last few posts, including the goodbye post (I think).

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