I haven’t been able to come on Blogger recently. Something to do with having eaten all the cookies. How did they know?

To celebrate (?) my return, I will relate a conversation I had with the operator the other day.

Them: “Hello, 999. Which emergency service do you require?”
Me: “Shit!! I’m so sorry! I meant to ring the operator! I don’t even know how I managed this!”
Them: “Oh yes, sorry. Operator speaking, how can I help you?”
Me: “?!!?”


11 thoughts on “999

  1. HA!
    Wow, that’s why you shouldn’t work two jobs in similar fields.

    For example, it would be horrible if you worked in a nursing home and a mortuary and you got your phone answering spiel mixed up.

  2. wow, that’s not right! so wait, is 999 the emergency number as well as the operator in Britain?

    also, good to hear from you, Mr. Chris. Next time leave some cookies for Juliet.

  3. that is absolutely hysterical.

    i once managed to accidentally dial emergency services while working from home one day. i actually forgot i was working at home and dialed 9…1… (to get out of the office telephone system) and then hung up, and dialed the actual phone number. there was a clear hang up between the two numbers – and in fact, the number went through – so i have no idea where that superfluous one came about. but i was a little embarrassed when the cops came and then i got *scolded* by my mother for dialing the police. (i was 29 at the time and working in my own home that i pay the mortgage for, etc. but still, managed to get yelled at by my mom.

    wow. i may have some issues. chris, i think you’ve discovered some unresolved angst i may be harboring…

  4. I once had a phone at work with a sticky ‘9’ button. it didn’t matter which button I pressed, I got through to 999. The first time was really embarressing, the second was the same operator and she asked was I really alright and was I just unable to talk and after the third time (after trying to unstick the ‘9’) she said that she would leave the line open for 30 seconds for me so all I’d have to do would be pick the phone up again. I refused to touch it until they got me a new one after that 🙂 felt really really bad for holding up the line!

    Were they chocolate chip cookies?

  5. I see it was a brief “return” then that we were celebrating. Were you planning just a year post, or maybe once every other month? How about only those months that end in Y?

  6. Hi…I thought my visits were sporadic…

    It would appear I visit more often than you post…


    I like reading you.
    Please don’t vanish…

    Too late…

  7. Avast!

    I be commandeering this blog for my own amusement! Set course for exciting piratical fun. There may even be singing!

    Best of all: Chris can’t even report the crime, because when he phones 999 he gets the operator! Huzzah!

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