My new friends, part one

I have spent a profitable weekend getting to know my three new friends: Billy, Benno and… er, Malm.

Billy likes books like me. That is nice. Benno is more into rock and ro-o-oll. Yeah baby. Malm, well he is more into balancing books on his head and, er… wearing my glasses at night.

Anyway, my fingers hurt; I kept hitting them with a hammer.

Bye now.


4 thoughts on “My new friends, part one

  1. I am not commenting. You never visit my blog anymore so I am making a stand. So this is me, refusing to comment on your blog!!

  2. Wow, you have Billy, Benno and Malm…? Do they work in the same rooms together? xx

  3. VapVib, yes he is my favourite too, you know, personality wise.

    Le Welsh, yes we do. They are not in the same room though, no. That would be too much! Malm likes his space.

    And Molly, yes, good. It is good to make a stand. Well done.

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