Recycling day

Tuesday is recycling day round our neck of the woods.

Yes, yes, today is Thursday. I am a slow person! Anyway, I was still trying to work out the Doctor Who anagram.

The good thing about recycling day is that everyone leaves their recyclables outside their houses and it gives you a good chance to be nosy and go through your neighbours’ rubbish, which is secretly what we all want to do even if I’m the only one brave enough to say it.

This of course means you can check the relative degrees of alcoholism of the people who live closest to you.

For example, the people at number 48 had about four crates of Stella Artois waiting to be melted down and made into a trendy vase… I hope they know that the rest of the street is secretly judging them.

So, what have you (and your neighbours) been up to?


5 thoughts on “Recycling day

  1. Phew, I am so relieved! Thank goodness it is only the rest of the world and not the good ol’ US of A! I’m very keen on renewable energy and working on that with someone – will that redeem me?

  2. four crates of stella?

    i’d like to meet your neighbors.

    i’ve often wondered what our recycling and or trash says about us. particularly because we tend to recycle the wine bottles all at once, along with the cans of chef boyardee and campbell’s soup.

    i believe it says we are lazy whinos with really high sodium in their diets. (this is making me wish garlic and basil and leafy greens all game in recyclable containers instead of.. um.. no containers…)

  3. I think of what our recycling bin says about us EVERY TIME I bring something out to the garage…that’s not to say that I let it effect my alcohol intake however. 🙂

    BTW–I found your blog from a comment you left on Molly’s and I love it! Love the writing, and the simplicity of your design is brilliant! Adding you to my favorites right now!

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