One wrong turn deserves another

We went walking in the peak district the other day. It was great. I love Kinder Scout, it is wild-looking and there is always the danger you will fall in a peat bog.

RJ’s brother (who we will call Phillip for anonymity) came along, which was excellent as he is doing the Duke of Edinburgh thing and this means you can force him to carry the bag for the whole way without it being a form of child abuse (it counts as “practice”, see).

We ended up taking a couple of wrong turns, and for one memorable segment we had to climb down a waterfall, but all three of us ended the weekend alive, which was an excellent result all round.

On Sunday I felt under the weather. I had two theories:

Theory 1
The bit with the waterfall was quite dangerous. There are definitely alternate realities where I slipped and died. Maybe it was more dangerous than I thought…

So, maybe I died in so many alternate realities that I was somehow weakened in this one, in a way that manages not to rip off the dreadful Jet Li film, The One, because it is the opposite you see. So I can’t be sued (in the unlikely event of Jet Li actually reading this blog. PS Hi Jet!)

That is a really bad film.

Theory 2
I have hayfever and I was sleeping in a field.

Luckily the weakened-in-alternate-realities fever abated when I returned to a town, lending support to Theory 2 for those with no imaginations.

So, how’ve you been?


5 thoughts on “One wrong turn deserves another

  1. Two wrong turns don’t make a right, Chris (but three lefts do).

    I’ve been well. I’ve been watching your protege, Dr House. He’s amusing, isn’t he?

    P.S. I realise there are accents somewhere in protege. I won’t offend RJ by slapping them in myself wrongly.

  2. Chris, you are obvs not an aficionado of the kung-fu genre.

    Those movies don’t NEED a plot that hangs together well (or makes sense or whatever), they have ACTION.

    Also, Jet Li is cool and I am looking forward to the third Mummy movie even though Rachel Weisz has refused to be in it.

  3. You’re alive!!!
    Well, I know you’re alive really because we “talked” recently but you blogged!
    I only came here to link you to a post of mine because I know exactly what you are going to say to me so I had to put a “don’t bother Chris” in there!!! And I found you had blogged. I couldn’t believe it!!!
    I can’t even remember what you blogged about now because I am in such a state of shock.

  4. This can be An Idea for your novel, Mister Chris.

    (Am also happy that your last entry wasn’t a pseudo-well-disguised goodbye post…:))

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