On the up (or: a post about me for a change rather than a rubbish joke)

Things going well:

1. I did RJ a treasure hunt, with the final clue leading to this blog. (The one on the left is me, and a fine likeness it is too.)
2. I have a new job starting September, working for the third largest company in the world (after the Chinese Army and the Indian Railway). No, Molly, it isn’t Walmart. (Commenters will get bonus marks if they know which other famous blogger works for the same people.)

Things not going well:

3. I am still too fat. But because of 1 and 2 I no longer care, which is good!


25 thoughts on “On the up (or: a post about me for a change rather than a rubbish joke)

  1. Congratulations! (That is, I’m hoping that the answer was a good one, you wouldn’t sound quite so happy if it wasn’t I suppose!)

  2. *gasps* How lovely and fun and romantic! ^_^ [assuming she said ‘yes’? Ha.]

    Congratulations, indeed, Mister Chris! (And doubly if you are working for Google – i heard they are very cool, like a younger more fun Satan with wicked cake supply in their cafeteria, which is, obv, the best kind 🙂

  3. Will it ruin it if I tell them who the “famous” blogger is?!

    I’ve seen the ring and it is very pretty! (that is to everyone else, Chris; clearly you have seen the ring too…)

  4. It is NOT Google!! (Yes, Welsh, go on, reveal all!)

    Thanks for your congratulations.

    Except you RJ, get back cleaning my house and making my dinner!

    PS Captain, yes, but I am looking forward to “une longue dimanche de fiancelle” which I am reliably informed by Hollywood (although not by French speakers) is “a very long engagement” as inspired by you!

  5. Are you serious, or cross at the hint that I really thought wasn’t a hint? I am the other famous blogger!!! x

  6. Your French is correct but the sentiment is wrong.
    I will see you at 6 to go and visit the pretty hall we can’t afford to get married in!

  7. I know dear, you told me remember?!

    Yes, see you later.

    No Welshy I am not cross, and well done for working for Google!

  8. I wasn’t timely enough to get in before Le Welsh because I knew it was her because you were talking to me instead of filling out the application! But hurray for getting the job and hurray for RJ saying yes. She is a brave woman! I saw the ring too RJ and I think it is beyootiful! So, when is the wedding because I need to get my wedding dress out so I can outshine the bride? Welshy doesn’t know that I am going to do the same to her in August, I fooled her with my “I’m coming home at Christmas” ploy so she will least expect to see me in the church wearing my wedding dress!

  9. True story:

    At the last weeding I played, a girl showed up in a white dress that was almost wedding-y. My initial thought was that the bride was being rather bold in her choice of hemlines (nice legs, though), but then she breezed straight past me and into the hall, so I realised my error.

    Later, she was one of only a few people there to talk to me (I was the hired help, so that’s not unexpected). Turned out she was quite a nice girl. Still, her choice of outfit was questionable at best. (It was also really low at the back, displaying her ‘tramp stamp’ to all the world, but stopping just short of builderette’s cleavage.)

    The actual bride wore a much more traditional (and somewhat conservative) white dress, complete with train. No veil though.

    Some things are just not done. Outshining the bride on her day really is one of them. Sorry Molly!

  10. Wow, I started a rumour, excellent 😀

    I assume you’re referring to Gazprom?

  11. Stephen (with a PH not a V!), this is the second time you have scolded me on this subject and quite frankly, I feel that it is now my mission to attend both weddings (Chris/Juliet & Welshy/Tart) in my wedding attire, altered for ultimate skankiness (plenty of cleavage – remember I have a killer rack) complete with veil. And I shall sit at the front of the church!

  12. Well, okay, but you’ll have to provide pictures of these events (well, just the W/T one really) to demonstrate that you really did as promised.

  13. Come now, Molly, we both know there are plenty of photos of that on the internet.

    Steph/ven could use his now legendary googling skills.

  14. I have meticulously researched every one of them and had them removed by court order, so I am afraid not. Not anymore. And there will be no wedding pictures, I only flash them in person these days!

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