Internet faux pas #257

Dear Richard and Stephen,

Please tell me that you didn’t find out I was going to marry your cousin by reading this blog.

Really you were supposed to have been told already!!

Sincerely yours,



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  1. Message to Steven (as I am barred from commentating on his blog because I have forgotten the password to my google account!)
    Please do no scare my wedding guests away with all this talk of jelly baby commandoes. Also please go easy on them if we decide to have a barn dance!

    Ric- it was a shock to me too. I’ve met them all and none of them are marriage material

  2. If I see Steven, I’ll pass on your request.

    In answer to Chris, I’m afraid it was. It’s possible that the news got as far as Dad, who then neglected to pass it on. Or perhaps it didn’t – the parents have been on holiday for the past two and a half weeks. Also, there has been some concern about the grandparents – neither Grandma nor Grandad have been particularly well, and our other Grandma has been in and out of hospital – so perhaps the news just got lost in the general concern.

    It’s also possible that the news broke while I was in the States, and that when I got back it had ceased being ‘news’. Finally, it’s possible that I was told, and my senility has advanced to the stage where I just forgot.

    Anyway, not to worry. It’s the news that’s important, not the details of exactly how and when I find out such things. I’ll just mope for a while, sigh deeply, and lament that “nobody ever tells me things”, and life will proceed apace…

  3. sorry Stephen- I never spell your name with a v, but I am going a bit mad today it would seem.
    I left the house this morning and completely neglected to lock the door

  4. ‘s okay. I was just goofing.

    Anyway, as everyone knows, with barn dances/ceilidhs, if you don’t leave half-dead from exhaustion, you’re clearly not doing it right.

    That said, is the barn dance an actual prospect?

    I’m asking because the dances are different from those at a ceilidh (albeit quite similar), so I would feel the need to spend some time learning them. Proper preparation being necessary for me to retain my reputation as lord of the dance-floor, and all that.

  5. Also, just for you, I have enabled anonymous comments. Although I reserve the right to switch them off again, if I start getting lots of spam from faux-Chris accounts (or, indeed, others).

  6. It is the month of July and no-one can spell Stephen. I nearly considered correcting Amy the other day, but considered it churlish for a third party to do so.

    I suggest calling Juliet Julie in return; that will show her who is boss. Anyway:

    Dear Stephen,

    (Actually I quite like this epistolary style and might insist on it in future…)

    My apologies. And please don’t feel it is necessary to explain why you didn’t know. I don’t mind, I just felt it might have been more appropriate for me not to have been the one to tell you!

    Dear Juliet,

    You buffoon! I could have been murdered in my bed!!

    Not that I was sleeping you understand… er, I was cleaning… in bed!

    Dear Stephen,

    Hello again.

    NO NO NO!

    This is our chance to start off even, you are emphatically not allowed to cheat and learn the dances!

    Dear Richard,

    Any suggestions?

    I am looking for someone who is:

    (a) nice
    (b) not going to leave the door open and get me killed/robbed!

  7. Right … let’s get a few things perfectly clear:

    1) Stephen is not the Lord of the dance floor. Being Scottish, he does automatically qualify for some kind of greater minion status though.

    2) I am Lord of the dance floor – as evidenced by the fact that when I shake my bahootay, the chickettes weep! (Unless that signifies something else.)

    3) Even without advance preparation, Chris, we Scots would still use our natural rhythm to wipe the floor with you English types – barn dance, ceilidh, battlefield or disco.

    4) This is a very family-centric post. I feel like we should invite the other people to comment too. Come on … it’s not that bad. I wonder how many of them were actually aware of the specific nature of the family ties?

    5) Sorry Chris, I’m afraid all the good ones are taken (not too many good ones to start with). Pretty much all barmy – that’s the problem. Leaving the house unlocked is uncharacteristic though – I thought we all had OCD.

    Whoops – I think I just offended everyone.

  8. I will only come to the dance if it is called a twmpath. And the Welsh can outdance the whole lot of you! 😉
    And Chris, when did I spell Stephen incorrectly?! (I mean, I’m sure I did, but I can’t believe you’ve allowed it to remain in the blogosphere for this long! x

  9. Hey congratulations to you and the lovely Juliet! That’s fabulous!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think the Ceilidh/Barn dance is a fabulous idea- the best wedding I’ve ever been to had one and I danced all night!

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