Away an bile yer heid

It has been suggested that people from Scotland have natural rhythm.

The case for the defence presents:

(Wikipedia has this gem: “notable instruments include saxophone and violin”.)

People who are not related to me and/or are not going to be related to me should also feel free to comment. Particularly if you want to abuse the Scots.


11 thoughts on “Away an bile yer heid

  1. Should you be abusing Steph/ven as you will soon be related to him? He can’t help that he is Scottish, poor lad!

  2. I am mean to all and sundry, and do not favour one race above another. It is the Scots’ turn. (Don’t tell them, but I am holding the Proclaimers in reserve.)

    Stephen and Richard are both well capable of holding their own anyway, it’s not like I attack vegetarians or anything (who as we all know are too weak from not eating meat to retaliate).

  3. I just love the fact that I’ve managed to goad you into posting a picture of Darius on your blog.

  4. Anyway, Darius only helps prove the case, as the Scottish rhythm is so potent as to distract everyone from his otherwise total lack of talent.

    Plus, I’m not sure ‘bad celebrities’ is a road you want to tread, since I might be forced to mention the musical efforts of Katie Price and/or Michelle Marsh. And I might have to keep the Spice Girls (especially Posh) and East 17 in reserve…

    Although Wales might have us all beat on that front. The only ammunition I have there is Kerys Matthews and Catatonia, with reservist Charlotte Church (who actually does have talent, but who has heroically dedicated her adult life to throwing it away).

  5. Look how popular I have made your blog! You were nothing before me my friend.

    fun quiz:

    What relationship will Stephen be to Chris when me and Chris are married? (Stephen is my cousin)
    What relationship will Chris be to Captain Ric’s wife? (Captain Ric is also my cousin)

    Yes, that’s right, I’m stuck with both of them!

  6. The answer to both is, technically, cousin-in-law. However, the reason you’ve never heard this term before is that it is rarely used.

    And, incidentally, your relationship of Captain Ric’s as-yet-theoretical children is “first cousin, once removed”, and the relationship between your as-yet-theoretical children and Captain Ric’s as-yet-theoretical children is “second cousin”. Just so you know…

  7. Hang on a second … I haven’t got any “as-yet-theoretical children”.

    Furthermore, RJ’s quiz ruined my quiz on the other blog entry!

    Lastly … Katherine Jenkins … awful!

    [p.s. Tee hee – my word verification is qeenn]

  8. You don’t have any children, but in theory you might have one day. That’s why they’re ‘as-yet-theoretical’. I thought that was obvious, but apparently not.

    Also, Chris’ note that “I was going to marry your cousin” rather ruined your so-called quiz before you even posted it.

    Not doing terribly well, are you?

    Finally, while Katherine may not be the greatest of singers, I have to give her some points for wearing not one but two comedy dresses in the video for her version of “Everything I do (I do it for you)”. And besides, she’s not even close to being in the same league as Darius, Jordan or Posh Spice.

  9. Oh that’ll teach me not to read your blog for a few days!

    1. Congratulations on your engagement! I always say, marriage is just like living in sin, only with better towels.
    2. I have no idea who this Darius person is, and I blame the American media’s utter lack of interest in anything not American.
    3. I wish I knew more Scottish people so I could judge their rhythm or lack thereof. But I do think a well-muscled calf looks good in a kilt.
    ; )

  10. Molly from I Need a Martini Now sent me here… She tells me we have similar views on spelling and grammar. Naturally, I had to come check you out. If it makes you twitch to see people butcher simple English, you’re my kind of people. 🙂

  11. Captain… good point…


    Don’t worry Steffen, I am not stupid enough to turn this into some kind of Scotland vs England thing. It is just a Scotland is rubbish post, with no opposing team!

    SB, don’t blame the American media, thank them! (On this occasion!)

    Kilts are indeed splendid. And young Steffen has enlightened me to the pleasure of the humble bagpipe also.

    Let’s all have a hug and make up shall we? And admit that all the countries hereabouts are the very best there are.

    Now, France…

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