Southpaw violin

After that attempt to alienate everyone but Steffen and Richid, I will throw a question open to the musicians amongst us.

Is it possible to play the violin left handed?

I say this, as the cack-handed politically correct lobby have managed to infest our society with all kinds of gimmicks to persuade us they are “equal”. I am sure I need not mention left handed scissors to make us all laugh uncontrollably.

But the violin (and, yes, viola I suppose, although it isn’t a real instrument) would seem an exception, perhaps. I have yet to see an orchestra with a neat row of violins with one sticking out in the middle facing the wrong way?

Maybe that could be the plot of my groundbreaking, genre-defining novel? The trials and tribulations of an entirely left-handed orchestra? Trying to make it in a dextromanocentric universe!

I will now have the traditional 4 month blog break while I thrash out a first draft. Bye!


22 thoughts on “Southpaw violin

  1. I read left handed people die sooner than righties, so who cares if they play the violin or viola? They are going to die soon!

    Actually, I think I just made that up but I did read something about lefties not having it as good as righties not too long ago, but as Ned continues to suck the brain cells out of my head, alas, I cannot remember what it was.

  2. There was a study done to that effect, suggesting left-handers die on average 9 years younger than right-handers. However, this study was discredited due to poor methodology.

    There are disadvantages of being left-handed, since so much of the world is naturally aimed at right-handers (writing in ink being the most obvious example), but a shorter life expectancy isn’t one of them (as far as we know).

  3. all of my notebooks in college (spiral bound) were “backwards” so that i didn’t have that annoying spiral thing to contend with when taking notes.

    additionally, i use regular scissors upside down, rather than use left handed scissors, which means i squish my two fingers into the little thumb hole. only because i didn’t get my first pair of left handed scissors until i was 12. and they were exclusively for sewing.

    you have no idea our hardships, chris. no idea. the peril. the anguish. the lack of suitable office supplies.

  4. Ashley McIsaac plays violin left handed. And I’ve played in a a band with a left handed guitarist and banjo player, which makes for an interesting look.

    I do play violin right-handed but do almost everything else as a leftie. That means I have to be careful buying power tools – in terms of the positioning of the controls.

    And there’s nothing wrong with left handed scissors.

  5. Thank you for acknowledging the world’s most beautiful stringed instrument 🙂 I used to sit next to a left-handed violinist (in the days before I saw the light and converted to violaism) and it was fine as long as he sat on the right hand side of the desk so that his bow didn’t go anywhere near my eyes!

  6. Fie on your southpaw bashing, Chris. You are as bad as Husband, who when he sees a left-handed character in a film, turns to me and lovingly says “Look, honey! He’s a freak, like you!”

    My paternal grandfather was apparently naturally left-handed, but they beat it out of him at school.

    If anyone else uses my computer they always leave the mouse in the wrong spot. Also, I have dreadful handwriting as no one taught me how to hold a pen properly.

  7. "How do you know she's a witch?"

    "Er, um, she looks like one!"

    "Did you dress her up like this?"

    "A bit!"
    "She turned me into a newt!… Well, I got better…"

    …sorry, I am tiring of living in a country that by & large doesn't understand the genius of Monty Python.

  8. Sadly, even in the UK understanding of this genius is fading. And yet they claim that standards aren’t slipping.

  9. southernbelle, i feel as if you may be my southern twin.

    although i am from CT, i a) love monty python and b) am frequently mocked by my husband for things like being red-headed and left-handed.

    and my maternal grandmother was also left-handed, but the nuns told her it was a sign of the devil. (i can only imagine what i would have turned out like if i went to catholic school.)

  10. Oi! The viola IS a proper instrument!!!!!!!! I haven’t seen anyone play it that way round. Surely, it is an ambidexterous thing playing the violin anyway, both hands have equally important functions!

  11. It’s astounding how many left-handers you have reading your blog Chris. That certainly seems to be more than your quota. That’s at least 4 left-handers posting comments on your blog, which should mean you have about 40 people who post.

    There’s no way you know 40 people, let alone 40 friends, and certainly not 40 who would post on your blog.

    I have, sitting on my desk at this moment, my “Left-Hander’s Calendar”. It gives me a daily exciting fact about lefties (however the fact, more often than not, appears to be “we’re better at one-on-one sports that involve hand-eye coordination” – obvious or what?)

    Today’s fact is an “Inspiration from Lefties” piece – “The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas. – Linus Pauling”. What a stupid name. Lefty birthdays for today include Nate Archibald, Jimmy Connors, Martha Mitchell and Keanu Reeves.

    It’s interesting Steve, that you would highlight writing in ink as the principal difficulty given that I’ve never ever had that problem (and surely I’m the lefty you know best) – I write with my wrist straight and perpendicular to the writing, unlike many lefties who seem to curl their hand round the pen.

  12. sj – I am off to read your blog to investigate!

    captain ric – I am one of those lefties who can't hold my pen properly. As a consequence I have shocking handwriting & frequently ink-smudged ring & pinkie finger. I have also read somewhere that creative type people are more likely to be left handed as the same side of the brain that is concerned with creativity controls the left hand. So I can feel superior to all non-creative people and right-handed creative people! Fabulous!

  13. Ah – there you go. If your brain was logical you would notice that holding the pen like that was a bit crazy (it’s a really strange looking writing position, and functionally doesn’t make sense), but because you’re creative you got distracted by colours and butterflies. Obviously.

    On the other hand, given the nature of my degree, it would be a bit of a stretch to say that I’m not fairly capable of logic. Hmm …

    Today’s fact, by the way, is a repeat. Apparently girls develop their handedness before boys. Girls’ handedness is settled around 2 years old, boys have to wait until they’re 4 or 5 before it’s certain. I already knew that.

  14. Pshaw Captain Ric, I have no need of logic, for I am woman.

    Yes. Colors, butterflies… and shoes. We must have met before, you seem to know me quite well!!!

    : )

  15. There is indeed. It was a present.

    Todays nugget of wisdom comes from “Dr. Brying Bryngelson”. I swear they just put these people in because of their names. Who would name their child that?

  16. Well they would have to name him “Doctor Brying” as there is no way he would be able to get himself a PhD being a crazy free-wheeling left handed nutcase!

    Go on then, what did “Mr” Bryngelson say?

  17. It wasn’t exactly the greatest pearl of wisdom I’ve ever heard – “Left-handed people tend to be more creative, more imaginative than right-handed people.”

    Another repeat, the grammar is poor and it doesn’t say what his doctorate is in, simply that he’s from the University of Minnesota. Wow – so that’s why we should believe him; I’m convinced.

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