Bad people a.k.a. cathartic blogging

Deep down I suppose I want to think that people essentially mean well.

Sometimes people do bad things, and I don’t really have a problem with that. Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes people offend each other unwittingly, and sometimes people then take this to heart too much, and both are minor evils in their way. I suppose I like to think that most offending behaviour can be considered in these terms, with no real “malice aforethought” if you will.

Then, sometimes, I am reminded that some people are just plain nasty. They delight in using their words to hurt other people, and have a soul so crippled that they are incapable of avoiding an opportunity to cause pain to others when it presents itself, even if it brings them no benefit.

To the reader, even at their most discerning, there is nothing new here that they will not know already I am sure, other that a few cheap truisms that may serve to remind them of unpleasant characters they know. In general, ranting without explanation is not a function I particularly approve of in a blog* so I apologise for trespassing on your time.

If I was fond of melodrama I would say that you should console yourself with the thought that this catharsis may save me some bruised knuckles and someone else a fat lip, but as well as sending a slightly mixed ethical message it is essentially inaccurate as I am not a violent person. It may however stop me calling someone an ill-mannered peasant, which I think we can all be glad about.

In other news, I read “Pride and Prejudice” finally, and was pleased to find it as charming as people had always told me it was. Work is also going well. And I have just had some delicious toast. You?

* or a tulip… remember that one?


12 thoughts on “Bad people a.k.a. cathartic blogging

  1. Are you talking about me because I have allowed a certain blogger back onto my little blog?!

    Don’t hate me, I could never live with myself!!!!

  2. okay i didn't get that at all.

    but i can say that i LOVE p&p. now you get it. mr. darcy? right? see?

    goodness i love that movie.

    also, i must thank you for introducing me to southernbelle, because, as it turns out, we're twins. how great is that?

  3. Molly, no, I didn't know that, although I am amused.

    SJ, you weren't really supposed to get it, it was more a letting off steam exercise.

    P&P the movie I have never seen. However, if you like it, you NEED to get your hands on the 6 part BBC adaptation.

    And, what, REAL twins?! Wow, can I play me in the up and coming made-for-TV movie?!

  4. figurative twins, anyhow. we haven’t met yet, so it’s hard to say otherwise. but i think that she’s younger than me. which makes being actual twins harder.

    and i have seen — what must be every adaptation… including the 1940 one with lawrence olivier and greer garson, the BBC masterpiece with Colin Firth and the one with Kiera Knightly. and the horrific bollywood one. i may have seen others, as well. but those are the ones i can recall immediately.

  5. Phew, thought you were picking on me then and I was about to unleash my fury on you. Or pout and stomp my foot, something along those lines.

    Yes, it is quite amusing isn’t it?!

  6. Well the world didn’t end. So I suppose that’s a bonus.

    I have no toast.

    Go on … admit it. Who didn’t know that the world was going to end at 8:30am BST this morning?

  7. I’m fine thanks Chris, although I could also use toast. Personally I think every now and then you have to call someone an ill-mannered peasant or even bruise your knuckles… it reminds them what they can expect from everyone else until the cease being dickheads, which can sometimes be a fairly good reason for doing so 😉

  8. I, too, was bereft of toast this morning. Although there was yoghurt. Strawberry flavour.

    Frankly, I’m a little underwhelmed by this whole “world not ending” thing. I thought people would be happier. There should at least be fireworks. And toast.

  9. Chris, not fair. We want details, damn it!!!

    On P&P: Desperately in love with the BBC adaptation, I sat through the Keira Knightley version (a) fidgeting & wishing I was watching the BBC one, and (b) contemplating KK's horridly small & numerous teeth.

    On SJ – Yes, we are twins, Chris, but now you've got me thinking – who could I get to play me in the movie??? These are the important questions. SJ – any suggestions?

  10. sb: a) i’ve nicknamed you such because it’s just that much closer to sj. makes sense, right? that’s what i figured.

    and i agree with the poor casting of kiera knightly. but i did dig that darcy. although. come now. no one else is colin firthtastic.

    for the movie versions of ourselves… i’ve gotten two very different actress labels before: claire danes and drew barrymoore. do either of these appeal to you? although i think ginnifer goodwin could capture my neuroses quite well, if one can judge by the trailers of “He’s Just Not that Into You.” i’m going to go have to reexamine your blog to find more pictures….

  11. Oh dear, I have been away far too long. I do hope it isn’t me being nasty. I don’t think it is but you know me: always need to check.
    I didn’t reply to your text message – gaah! I shall do it immediately. Well, perhaps not immediately as I am on nights and it would therefore disturb any normal person, sleeping at a normal time. But soon, I shall.

  12. Oh how funny, I have just watched the “horrific bollywood one”, literally just finished watching it. I quite liked it! Yes, P and P the book is fabulous as is the Colin Firth TV version. That said, I did like the Keira Knightley one. You can also get a ‘Lost in Austen’ book where you can be Lizzy Bennett- how cool!
    I didn’t understand the rest of the post, but then I am frequently perplexed by the musings of others!

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