Weeding accommodation disasters!

Juliet and I have been profitably engaged this afternoon in working out a room plan for our multitudinous relatives for our wedding.

It is a very stressful business as they are legion. Also some are not suitable for being near other ones, some can’t climb stairs and others have various unreasonable demands!

Sadly as we had got almost two-thirds through Juliet pointed out that we should save the Word file so as not to be gnashing our teeth when my useless laptop crashed and lost all our work.

Unfortunately, the file name she chose was “accomodation.doc”, and so now the whole thing will have to be called off.

Sorry Juliet.


17 thoughts on “Weeding accommodation disasters!

  1. Commiserations old chap. It’s for the best (unless perhaps, she can be asked to create a “commiserations.doc” as a possible reprieve?)

  2. did you mean to title this as “weeding” rather than wedding? because if not, i think you need to write the pot a little apology note, my friend the kettle.

  3. ’tis an in-joke from when my brother A got married – apparently, just before the intimations sheets were given out the week before, someone noticed that there was an invitation to parishoners to attend his ‘weeding’.

    Of course, Chris and Cousin RJ are taking this to a whole new level, with their garden-implement-themed table names. Personally, I’m most interested to find out who they’ve assigned to the ‘hoes’ table.

  4. I just can’t believe how incredibly unaccommodating you guys are – the fact that you won’t change the wedding date to Christmas so that I can be there is just so rude! Ned was going to skip down the aisle in his ballet slippers, doing his best Billy Elliot while holding on to the rings. He will be devastated now.

    My word verification started with RJ!

  5. I can’t do Christmas, because of The Reason. I can’t talk about The Reason, at least for the next four months, so please don’t ask.

  6. I need to know The Reason! You cannot talk about The Reason with no explanation and not expect us to want to know what The Reason is? Steph/ven, play nice now!

  7. As well as being multi-award winning, and the major cause of Richard’s relentless jealousy.

    But I will stop or he will be blushing.

  8. I love your blog. The Reason (despite me not having the faintest clue about it) has given me minutes of chuckling. Almost as many minutes as one of my patients’ latest requests for a pair of tweezers, because she is “beginning to resemble Paddy McGinty’s goat”. That made me hoe hoe hoe muchly…

  9. You are so pedantic about grammar and spelling, it’s hilarious! Have to say that since I have been a primary teacher, the appearance of a sequencing connective, NOT followed by comma is a source of great vexation. As in addition, are the following: I done, I teached, I didn’t do nothing, I ain’t, I ain’t got nothing, apostrophe’s (see what I did?) used for plurals- AHRGH! My class would drive you mad!
    Ooooooh, Stephen, WHAT is the reason!

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