No hidden meaning

Some excitement today:

“You have been invited to take the ‘What does your birth date mean?’ quiz on Facebook!”

My birth date is 29th June. Or, if you are American, June 29th.

This means that I was born on the 29th of June.

This is all it means.

(But then, I would say that as I am a cancerian, and we are natural sceptics*.)


8 thoughts on “No hidden meaning

  1. Hopefully you haven’t come to comment just to tell me that sceptic is spelt with a “k”.

    It doesn’t.

    That is all!

  2. I shall comment to ask – is the spelling of sKeptic what the * at the end of the post is for?

    I don’t believe that one’s birthday has anything to do with one’s personality, but because I am a Libran I will quietly concede that perhaps it could (in the interest of keeping everyone happy).

  3. It certainly is.

    You are allowed to spell it “skeptic” as you live in the US!

    In some ways it is better that way. Some people in the UK have a tendency to pronounce “sceptic” with a silent c… it can get quite confusing…

  4. Juliet has kindly pointed out that my initial comment makes no sense.

    Indeed it should read “it isn’t”.

    What a fool I am, don’t I?

  5. I immediately noticed your error in the first comment and congratulate Juliet for calling you out on it. We have suffered at your hands for some time now, with all the grammar and spelling corrections. Now it is our turn to mock you!

    Mock mock, mockity mock!

  6. Oh, Chris, the quiz is about hidden meaning. It wouldn’t be very hidden if you already knew it, now would it?

    For example, it also means you share a birthday with some guy I went to school with. I think his name was Alan.

    And that is just one of thousands of hidden meanings that the day might have, and you’ll never know.

  7. I wonder if Facebook would have mentioned this Alan character.

    Of course, being Scottish he has probably invented something by now and is very famous. I am honoured to share his birthday!

    Molly, of course you noticed it, it was immediately noticeable on reading! If only I had bothered to read it before clicking “publish”!

    I roll my eyes in your direction! 🙂

  8. first: i’m in the us. skeptic it is. i was all confused and thinking we were discussing my septic tank. (i have poor vision. see? glasses.)

    second: i heart facebook’s goofy apps. i have received a number of leg warmers, have been poked repeatedly (when is it acceptable to stop return poking?), have had a golden girl thrown at me and have discovered which french philosopher i am most like.

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