America, don’t fuck it up

You heard.


5 thoughts on “America, don’t fuck it up

  1. We did it! Obama is in!!!! HURRAH!!!!!!

    Even though I couldn’t vote, I can’t tell you how proud I was tonight, and it really was brilliant being here for this historic moment. I think we should all have on of my fabulous martinis now to celebrate!

    My word verification is “dishnipl” I kid you not!

  2. More than anything, I’m glad that America’s voice has been nice and clear. The worst possible outcome would have been a very close result, followed by months of fighting through the courts, as in 2000.

    With luck, this will do something to stabilise the markets, and things will start to improve.

  3. I may only be one little person in a rather little state, but I made sure to vote for Obama yesterday.

    Things can only get better from here!

  4. yes, one person CAN make a difference… as long as millions of other people are committed to making that same difference. I’m very pleased.

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