Top tip #54: Nose hair

As a gentleman (and I believe also a lady, although we are not supposed to mention this!) advances in years, one of the pleasures in store is nostril hair. And then ear hair, but that is a whole other story.

Naturally, the done thing is to trim it so as not to cause offence to your fellow man.

However, what I do, and I suggest you follow my example, is to keep one really long nose hair. You can fold it in half and tuck it away. If you are in a situation where you might find yourself nodding off (e.g. boring meeting at work, lecture, classroom, etc) then you can, discreetly of course, give it a sharp tug. Mildly painful though it may be, I find that this has the useful side effect of jarring you back into full wakefulness.

Let me know how you get on.


12 thoughts on “Top tip #54: Nose hair

  1. I consider it a milestone that I now feel comfortable telling the boyfriend when his nosehairs need some trimming. I’ve also cleaned up his eyebrows, although he’d probably deny that to the grave.

  2. Chris, you are well on your way to becoming my dad. And you know what this means… you have seen the photo.

  3. Chris, you are on my blogroll! It’s fancy and new.

    Also, my verification word is hairi. How appropriate for this post!!!

  4. Ok – now I need pointers for ear-hair. Why is it that when a man loses the hair on his head, more of it shows up in his ears??

  5. Are 54 tips not enough for you, Captain Ric?

    And… and… are you try to imply that I am balding?!!

    Cast ye hence!

    SRG, ear hair tips may have to wait 30 years or so, I’m afraid!

    SJ, folding is easiest accomplished by first straightening said hairs with some GHDs. They then go a bit more brittle and you can mountain or valley fold on demand.

    Belle, I often wonder if the word verifications are drawn in some random way from the contents of the blog. Hang on… oh, mine is “spediten”. Maybe not!

  6. I wasn’t trying to imply that. But now that you think I was, I’m happy to take the credit for it.

  7. This is the most minging post I have ever read, and I am not usually squeamish! YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Remember that charming hairdresser who you admired for her honesty when she told you you were balding? He he

  9. Kezzie, good grief, it wasn’t that bad!

    You should see some of the part-saved posts I am still tweaking!

    And yes, Welshy, thank you for bringing it up!!

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