Bonnie Prince Charlie*

It’s Prince Charles’s birthday today. Not to be confused with Prince Charles’ birthday.

Happy birthday PC.

It’s hard not to feel a little sorry for the chap. After all, he’s coming up on retirement age now, and I’m sure we’ve all been in the situation where we’ve got our eye on a certain job, but some other bugger’s got it. Time’s a ticking!

* Not to be confused with the other Bonnie Prince Charlie


6 thoughts on “Bonnie Prince Charlie*

  1. No, sorry, I really can’t feel sympathy for him…

    PS – Check out my blog today, Chris.
    : )

  2. Thank god, finally! Thank you Chris, for drawing to the attention of the world (well, the sensible proportion that subscribes to your blog anyway) that you do NOT omit the “s” following the apostrophe in such cases. In fact, permit me to make a brief public service announcement:


    Please do not expect a reply to any statement, written or verbal, that does not conform to the following guidelines:

    That is all. You may resume your disorder.

  3. Walesy, what kind of drug are you on? I am always pointing this out!

    Your link is an interesting one. I would be more inclined to visit, however, if they had registered


    Unless of course it is run by a bunch of camp men (Young Conservatives, anyone?) in which case I would expect to see


    That is all.

  4. Is that for real?

    I always thought the S after the ‘ was left out in British English and kept in in American (or “wrong”) English.

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