Further adventures in acronyming

So… all this talk of TWOCking reminded me of another pet hate of mine.

Yes, yes, I know I have too many!

TWOC is retarded in the same way as BHCA* is. Because without is one word and so is healthcare. People at work use HC for healthcare all the time – it is inconceivable to me that no-one has pointed the error of their ways out to them before now!

To their great credit, it has to be said, all the healthcare organisations that I researched for this post (i.e. used Google for five minutes) had healthcare as a single word. Well done to them!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the reason for this is that I had searched for “healthcare” as, of course, you would if you were a normal person. If you search for “health care” then you too will run, screaming.

* British Health Care Association


9 thoughts on “Further adventures in acronyming

  1. For some reason, your post made me think of “clopping”. Which of course, isn’t an acronym at all.

  2. Conservatives Leave Old People Poorer, Iller, Needier, Grimmer


    Oh but it is, Walesy, it is!

  3. I’m not a pedantic tosser. (I swear it’s true.)

    However, I would not have written:

    ‘…it is inconceivable to me that no-one has pointed the error of their ways out to them before now’

    I think that:

    ‘…it is inconceivable to me that no-one has before now pointed out the error of their ways’

    is altogether a more elegant construction.

    I read for grammar, spelling and elegance, not meaning. An elegantly constructed sentence doesn’t need to actually ‘say’ anything, after all.


    * that’s 2 kisses (from a possible wanker)

  4. Don’t worry, I am a pedantic tosser, and I think I agree with you.

    If it makes you feel better, I’ve wrote* much worse stuff before on the hope that someone would point it out to me… after all it is no good criticising people all the time if you can’t demonstrate you can also take criticism!

    But on this occasion it was just a bit of poor writing, I freely admit it!

    Let us leave it as a testament to the fact that even the most perfect of us can make mistakes!

    (That’s me I’m talking about.)

    PS word verification “bunrimma”. I dread to think what this is Australian for…

    * all right, that one was on purpose!

  5. PS Meva, look at your comment on the last post… what are those superfluous apostrophes?!

    (See, I bounce back quick.)

  6. Ahhh. Bunrimming. It’s not something easily described. It needs to be experienced (although needs is probably far too strong a word in this case).

    God, I hate those superfluous apostrophes! I never got them before I turned 30, but now

  7. Dear Walesy,

    Your comment had to be deleted I’m afraid, as, while entertaining, it revealed my (secret) identity to the whole world.

    It did contain the word “nugatory” though, I wish I could have deleted the bits with my name on and left that bit!

    As you were.

  8. *twirls hair, looks vacant but pretty*

    This post totally made sense to me. Totally.

    In other news, come play the comments-based game on my blog!

  9. Sweet Jesus on toast, the English language must be in tip-top shape in your neck of the woods for the improper construction of acronyms to get you hopping. In my neck of the woods, I have to contend with people writing “would of” where they should have written “would have.”

    Thanks for the haiku, by the way! Completely inappropriate, and you didn’t follow my rules, but I adore a rebel.

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