The dread sprout

We do not buy vegetables from the supermarket. Nor do we buy them from the greengrocer, which would be perfectly acceptable were it not for the gruelling full-time jobs we are forced to hold down by the alluringly alliterative Credit Crunch.

Instead we get a nice man to deliver them in a (recyclable) box. This is all very good as all the vegetables and fruit and salad are grown locally (except I suspect for the bananas and kiwi fruit) and taste appropriately delicious.

His radishes are superb.*

The downside (which is actually an upside if you are relatively freewheeling people like we are) is you don’t know what you are going to get. This has resulted in us having pumpkins, marrows and all manner of exciting things we haven’t known what to do with (soup and stuffed respectively, if you are interested).

Anyway, let’s not beat about the bush. It’s December; we got loads of sprouts. That’s where I’m going with this, as you probably worked out.

So far I have been subjected to sprouts with a roast and a sprout curry. I have not yet suffered sprout marmalade or sprout en croute. But I fear it is only a matter of time…

So, please post your sprout recipes in the comments! (Let’s see if I can get one hundred comments out of this.)

* one for the fans of Carry On, there.


12 thoughts on “The dread sprout

  1. I don’t have a recipe, but I believe you can wrap them in bacon somehow. It’s the only way I can imagine them being even slightly palatable.

  2. my recipe for sprouts would be to puree them and mix them into something far more palatable.

    although, there are times when they are decent enough when drowned in butter. or roasted with olive oil and garlic.

  3. I like sprouts but have only ever eaten them plain, or with a little butter. Not sure I could have them more than once in a week, though.

    What are marrows?

  4. I like sprouts in a veggie wrap or on top of a salad. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever even cooked sprouts.

  5. SRG – he means brussels sprouts, the ones that look like little cabbages, not alfalfa or bean sprouts.

  6. A marrow is a big courgette!*

    And yes, I don’t know what these other sprouts are but the kind of sprouts I am talking about should not be eaten raw!

    a.k.a. zucchini… it is terrible being a British person!

  7. You’ve been tagged! Come check out my blog and see what’s up. I promise it won’t hurt. Too much.

  8. Lay on a bed of garlic infused mash garnished with rosemary and basil.

    Toss the sprouts in the recycling bin and then have a shower.

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