Back at High School

I am currently being forced to watch High School Musical.

What a special film it is…

I hope you are also having a good Christmas.

(… keep your head in the game.)


6 thoughts on “Back at High School

  1. I saw a preview for High School Music VIII in the theater a couple of months ago and could not stop laughing. Especially the scene where, in the middle of a basketball game, a spotlight shines on one of the players and he starts singing. Musicals crack me up anyway, but that one seemed even more ridiculous than ever

    “I shot the ball, where will it land? In our victory, I shall have a hand. Where is that hot chick I’d like to screw? She’s up in the bleachers, dressed all in blue…” OK, I made those lyrics up, but they’re probably still better than the ones in the movie!

  2. Why, Mister Chris, for the love of God, WHY?!

    ps: FunnyGal Kat, now THAT i would see. Then, the Girl in Blue can be all, like, “Oh, is he looking at me? I must act like i didn’t see! Oh, shucks, am i bluuuushing? Why must i be hormooooning?” Clearly, we should write a musical.

  3. Ohhh, those movies make me feel old, and I don;t even need to watch them.

    Don’t. Get. It.

  4. I had to take my kids to see HSM 3 recently … I felt physically sick it was so nauseatingly corny…I almost barfed. It was very realistic that none of them had sex. Not.

  5. I admit it was rubbish but I am still going to make us watch the singalong version one time. Maybe after lots of alcohol!

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