Famous Blogger Meet Up 2008!

This one was quite exciting.

Two famous bloggers went to the local pub the other day. It was epoch-making.

First of all, we had the incredibly handsome and debonair Chris from www.thechrlog.blogspot.com – you will no doubt be familiar with his genius.

And then there was the insanely cute Ned from www.nedtheboy.blogspot.com – he had the most incredible cap and was 83 times cooler than me. He was shorter too, but I am not sure how long this will last.

We didn’t get as long as I had hoped (to compare girls on either side of the atlantic, for example) but it was great to meet him, and I was impressed with how little he spoke like a Brummy!

(Le Welsh, Molly and Juliet were also there.)


11 thoughts on “Famous Blogger Meet Up 2008!

  1. Ned was super-cute! Molly was very nice too. Her accent seemed really odd to me, particularly when Ned is so American sounding!
    I think she will be cross with you when she reads her write-up!

  2. Ned didn’t have any liquor when I was there, but he was a bit high on cake…

    … RJ, nonsense. She will be delighted I am sure!

  3. Ooh, word verification: chrogsto! Excellent.
    Wasn’t it a fantastic afternoon. I am still getting over the fact that Ned is a real person with a real body and everything! (Although as time goes by, it is seeming a bit dream-like and I wonder if it was actually real at all.)

  4. how fun! alas, i’m saddened because i miss molly. i just found an email from her that is so way overdue. bad, sj. bad.

    i’m going to start blogging about all of the fabulous times that KAT and i get together and “meet up.” actually maybe not. because it doesn’t count when we have the same blog, does it?

  5. I think it still does.

    Why is “meet up” in inverted commas?

    Do you not really meet up?

    Surely all the alcohol cannot blur the facts that much?!

  6. i put meet up in quotes because it seems like meet ups are reserved for special “we’re getting together because we’re awesome bloggers who like to hang and have good times with other bloggers.” however, kat and i have been meeting up for years. before meet ups were meet ups.

    follow me?

  7. It was quite fabulous seeing you all, and I am not cross with Chris (say that 10 times after 5 martinis). It was just so nice seeing you all and even though I had spoken with Welshy on the phone, I still cannot get over her posh and very unWelsh accent!

    I waited until I got back home to get Ned drunk, it seemed more appropriate.

  8. I know your computer is broken but really, 2 months since your last post? I thought I was bad!

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