Burn after weeding

After a long hiatus brought about by the weeding (which I might revert to calling the wedding in acknowledgement of the extreme age of the joke) I am back in Blogland.

I am also on honeymoon!

It is going very well so far (Rebecca Juliet is in the shower otherwise I would of course be lavishing her with attention) and we are immersing ourselves in the three L’s.

1. Love (obviously!)
2. Laziness (this is probably more a feature of honeymoons that I am on)
3. Leamington

Yes, we are on honeymoon in Leamington Spa and I have picked up a bit of sunburn (curse rowing boats!).

Thankfully it is raining today so I’ll probably be okay.


4 thoughts on “Burn after weeding

  1. Ooh, congratulations. Hope it was all heaven. Spoil yourselves and dash over to Wawrick too.

  2. You’re back!!!!! Congratulations! Sounds like it was a fabulous day (via Steph/ven blog) Look forward to hearing more. Oh and any pictures!!!

  3. Ooh Ed found you too!

    I remember going to a Chinese restaurant in Leamington Spa with a very naughty architect.


    Seriously, my word verification is “tardoge”.

  4. Ha, Ed has visited most of us. He was obviously waiting for you to come back from your break.

    : )

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