Mr Ed

(Those people who think this is a post about a talking horse should probably look away now.)

I have started a new blog. You already know this, as this is it. Hello!

This is mainly because I had “customised” my old blog to such an extent that I couldn’t work out how to do anything with it any more. I had pretended to learn how to use html or some other such made up language, and it looked all pretty, but when some spammer called “Ed” came along speaking in hieroglyphics (with the occasional word like “Nintendo Wii” chucked in the middle) I couldn’t work out how to delete him… so the whole blog had to go.

Also, I like the idea of blogging, but never seem to do it any more. And, you know, a fresh start and… yawn! I’m sorry, I was boring myself!

So, sorry about the lack of “hilarious” talking horses… I bet Youtube has some, look there!


6 thoughts on “Mr Ed

  1. You know, you could always have just asked – many of us had had to deal with Mr Ed.

    Anyway, enjoy your new home. I was starting to think you had succumbed to the curse of the married blogger – namely that as soon as they get married the rate of posts drops precipitously.

  2. I know but I had deleted all the “metablog” stuff, as I believe it is called, that enabled me to edit from the main page.

    Although on reflection you can probably do it from the dashboard can’t you?

    Ah well, it has also been a kind of revision displacement activity!

    In answer to your second point… yes, Welshy is rubbish isn’t she?

  3. Tee hee.

    There are others, though – two other blogs have not just stopped being updated; they’ve disappeared entirely.

    And Captain Ric hasn’t blogged even once since he got married! That’s practically proof in itself!

  4. More to the point, he hasn’t launched a takeover attempt on mine – something he was very fond of in his bachelor years, if I recall correctly.

    Garrgh, me hearties, etc etc.

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