Trains are fantastic at getting you from A to B.

You can read a book; you don’t get lost (mainly); you can even sleep, if you’re so inclined.

What they aren’t so good for is getting you to aforementioned point B at time C.

Or even at time D which is one hour later than C. (We could call it C+1 if you prefer!)

It is also less good at guaranteeing you won’t be sat next to E, who smells/talks at you/has a particularly aggressive form of mental illness.

Nor does it stop you from being dismissed rudely by F, the alleged customer services representative at B. (Remember B? It was the destination.)

Anyway, must go, I’ll be at B in five minutes.


3 thoughts on “Trains

  1. Ooh, technologically advanced blogging from the train? Get down witcho bad self!

    (Yes, I’m a white Australian, what of it?)

  2. As an employee of a vaguely train related company, I feel it is my duty to dismiss you haughtily.


  3. S&C, fo' sho'.

    Cap'n, lo! but you are nowhere near as good/bad as the people I am talking about… for starters you acknowledged my point without me having to make it a second time.

    More training needed I think… (Aha ahaha – training, geddit?!)

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